SOCIAL media giant Facebook expands its digital literacy program to ensure a safe and healthy online realm.

To support its goal, Facebook Philippines launched on April 29, 2021 "Digital Tayo 2.0” -- a digital literacy program.

In a press conference on Thursday morning, Facebook PH head of Public Policy Clare Amador shared that the program’s expansion includes two new modules on Digital Engagement and Digital Empowerment.

“With Filipinos turning to technology to stay connected with friends and family throughout the pandemic, it is important for us to expand our digital literacy program. Together with our partners from government, academe, and civil society, we aim to reach even more Filipinos online, and help them learn to use tools and resources to create more positive online experiences and while staying safe online,” she said.

The online resources are designed to equip online users of all ages with skills for verifying information on the internet, fostering healthy online relationships, and respectful digital discourse.

Facebook PH said the expanded online resources are free and interactive.

“Through videos, quizzes, and different sample scenarios, people will understand the online-related topics for each module better,” the social media firm said.

Some of its interesting covered topics are Why Privacy Matters, The Verification Process, Respect and Boundaries Online, Building Your Advocacy Network, Hashtags, and Raising Awareness Through Media, among others.

Digital Tayo was first launched in April 2019 and has since trained over 400,000 Filipinos through face-to-face and online workshops.

In a post-training survey among trainees from January 2020 to April 21, 64 percent of the participants said they spot false news better after the sessions.

There's also a 36-percentage point increase in the number of participants who know how to conduct a Facebook privacy check-up.

Eighty-four percent of respondents agreed that their online actions and communication have an impact on their reputation and relationships in real life compared to 51 percent pre-training.

For Out of the Box Media Literacy, a non-government organization that advocates for better understanding and discernment of modern media, the program covers crucial areas needed in today’s digital landscape.

“There’s a lot of ground to cover in responsible digital citizenship: news verification, practicing empathy, respecting boundaries of people online, identity formation and taking part in community building. The expanded Digital Tayo comes at a time when more people are online and it responds to a crucial need for digital Pinoys,” said Marlon Nombrado, co-founder of Out of the Box Media Literacy.

All Digital Tayo digital literacy and citizenship modules and learning resources are free and accessible in while interactive content for students can be found through this link: