Cervantes: Jesus Christ: 'The road to hell is becoming grid-locked'

Phone Notes

THERE have been explicit supernatural messages about the microchip -- now fully developed as a tool against Covid-19 and other such illnesses -- as being of Satan. There have also been messages about travel soon to be controlled -- and then the idea of vaccine passports made it to the headlines. The time gap between prophecies and their realization has never been as close and there is a pervasive feeling of time rushing on.

While some call for positive thoughts (our world already being torn with events that depress), supernatural messages meant for the entire world continue to be dire. The messages themselves tell us why: our times are urgent, amid unprecedented war between good and evil now being waged over our everlasting souls. It’s between Heaven and hell in eternity as never before.

Such was the tone of the message of Our Lord Jesus Christ to American mystic Jennifer on April 26, 2021. Parts of the message are hardly cryptic, as in the reference to “those who have harmed my little ones” which obviously refer to abortion and child abuse.

There was also reference to those who “have marked themselves with the blood of the innocent out of fear.” Were Covid 19 vaccines, somehow linked to stem cells of aborted babies, being implied?

Here is the entire message of Our Lord:

“My child, I say to My children, you are each a vessel of history. The very artery of which My blood flows to and from My Most Sacred Heart. I weep, My children; I weep for this lost and fractured world that has surrendered to the enemy. Darkness is covering this earth, for the chambers of hell are emptying out upon this earth. Love is lost in the midst of this darkness and many are turning on their neighbor.

“I say to My Faithful to remain strong and vigilant in the truth, for those who walk with pride and haughty hearts because they have evaded justice in this life will find it in the next, for their time of mercy has expired. Woe to those who have harmed My Little Ones. Woe to those who seek to render death when I Am the author of life and death. Where are My Chosen Sons? Where are My Priests to guide My Children in the truth?

“Where are My Priests to tell the world that the road to hell is becoming grid-locked with souls who have fallen into satan’s trap? I am being held prisoner from My People while the voice of the enemy echoes through the walls of My Church. How many have marked themselves with the blood of the innocent out of fear? How many have surrendered their faith and trust in Me for the false science of man instead of the creator of the world, for I Am Jesus. Where does your faith reside?

“I tell you this, that when you see the remnants of My Church scattered throughout the world, be at peace because victory is coming, and the hour of My return is on the horizon. Now go forth, for I Am Jesus, and be at peace, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.” (End of quote.)

Now a shift to something that delights. Let me share again some Words of Jesus as conveyed to mystic Maria Valtorta in June 1944, about how we can live on earth with eternity in mind. This part of the messages strikes wondrously.

Jesus said:

“Maria, I have said to you that in the life of victims, to live without any imbalance, it is necessary to put oneself resolutely on the spiritual level. To see, to think, to act in all as if one acts in the kingdom of the spirit. That is, in an eternity which always says: 'Now.'...

“God knows no birth and no death, no dawn and no sunset, no beginning and no end. The angels, spiritual like Him, know but 'One Day.' A Day which had its beginning from the moment in which they were created and which will know no end. The saints, from the moment when they are born into Heaven, become possessors of this unchangeable Time of Heaven which knows no running on. It is fixed in its splendor of a diamond ignited by God, and in the epochs of the world which rotate around this Time's unchangeable fixity, like the planets around the sun: some now prevailing and some now disintegrating, while this unchangeable Time is always there, and will always be. How long? Forever.

“Think, Maria. If you could count all the grains of sand that are in the seas of the whole globe, on the bottoms and on the shores of the lakes, of the ponds, of the rivers, the streams, the creeks, and you said to Me: 'change them into that many days,' you would still have a limit to this number of days. Join to them all the drops of water that are in the seas, in the lakes, in the rivers, the streams, the brooks, those that tremble on the foliage bathed by the rain or the dew, and join also to them the water in the alpine snows, in the wandering clouds, in the glaciers which clothe with crystals the mountain peaks, and you would still have a limit to this number of days.

“And join to them as well all the molecules which form the planets, the stars and the nebulas, all that flies through the firmament and fills it with the music that only the angels hear -- because while in its course, every astral body sings, like a shining harpist running his hands over harps of blue, it sings the praises of its Creator, and the firmament is full of this concert of an immense organ -- still, Maria, you would have a limited number of days.

“Then join to them also the dust buried in the earth -- dust which is earth of men who with their matter have returned to nothing, and which for hundreds of centuries awaits the command to turn back into man and see the triumph of God -- and there are billions and billions of atoms of man-dust, belonging to billions of men who believed themselves to be so much, and now for centuries and centuries are nothing, and the world does not even know that they lived -- and still you would have a limited number of days.

“The Kingdom of God is eternal, as its King. And Eternity knows only one word: 'Now'...

“See how God loves each of you, how He loves you, Maria. Write it very clearly and underline it, so that you see it well. How God Loves you. No man, by any means, can reach even a little star nearest the earth, humblest in its fire. But God grants you, since He loves you and since you love Him, to reach Him, to know Him, to immerse yourself in His Fire. And think that there is less distance between the earth and the stars, than between the stars and the throne of God. They are the immense pavement of the Celestial City: its foundation even more than its pavement. Up, up, much higher up, to inconceivable heights -- since they do not respond to human measures -- is that blessed Kingdom of which the Trinity is Lord and in which is prepared a place for one who loves. But since the loving haste of God knows no delay, He, anticipating that time, sucks each of you into Himself, with your spirit, gives Himself to you with His Fire...”


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