SORRY, master.

Carlo Bambu Domingo shared on his Facebook account a photo of his one-year-and-six-month-old shitzu Ekeelz wearing a signage "Gidaot nako ang charger ug extension wire. I'm sorry."

According to Domingo, he went out to the farm leaving Ekeelz inside the house.

"Normally, he doesn't touch anything except yesterday, nakalimtan siya pakaonon when I left. Gikitkit niya ang nabilin nga charger sa laptop ug extension wire nga naa sa sofa," he said.

Because he loves his furry little buddy and he would not do anything to hurt him, he took a photo of him with his apology.

Meanwhile, Domingo reminded pet owners to be sensitive to their pets' needs and feelings.

He said feeding them on time will eliminate their stress and anxiety.

He also said, "Ang pagbunal o panakit sa atong dog will not teach them anything. Pero ang pagpakita ug gugma nakabaton sila ug respeto sa ilang tag-iya." (SunStar Davao)