Thursday, August 05, 2021

Cervantes: Jesus: Give me sweeping the floor, driving car in prayers

Phone Notes

Those who have done more research than usual must by now realize that many "conspiracy theorists" can't be dismissed outright despite the sudden zealotry over anti-pandemic vaccinations. There are enough data telling us that all were planned, that the world's biggest elites are now pulling the strings for a Great Reset espousing attractive shibboleths such as "Build Back Better" which US President Biden picked up from the United Nations.

Credible Catholic mystics are telling us there are more trials ahead, and researchers uncovering authors of the Great Reset confirm this. The Covid-19 vaccinations will not return us to the "good ol' days."

In his book, Covid-19: The Great Reset, author and World Economic Forum executive chairman Klaus Scwab noted: "When confronted with it, some industry leaders and senior executives may be tempted to equate reset with restart, hoping to go back to the old normal and restore what worked in the past: traditions, tested procedures and familiar ways of doing things—in short, a return to business as usual. This won’t happen because it can’t happen. For the most part, 'business as usual' died from (or at the very least was infected by) Covid-19."

Scwab happens to be one of the movers of the Great Reset, along with major World Health Organization donor Bill Gates who, before the current pandemic, even held a meeting in New York City itemizing things that would be done in the event of such pandemic, including how to control media.

What we're facing is troubling, as both "conspiracy theorists" and mystics are saying. But, again, we are not short of words that comfort and fortify from no less than God Himself, Jesus Christ.

Consider these simple but powerful messages Jesus told mystic Anne a Lay Apostle (who is backed by two bishops and a world-renowned Mariologist) way back on May 11, 2004:

"Dear soul, conduct your self with dignity. Be calm and recollected. Be thoughtful in everything and make decisions prayerfully, always seeking My counsel. I do not want My followers to be overly excited. I do not want My followers to spread bad news in order to incite hysteria. There are changes coming, yes, but these changes are necessary and your Jesus is always looking out for the best possible environment for your soul to develop the greatest degree of holiness.

"I will see to every situation that you give Me control over. Be in the habit of constantly giving Me your concerns and this habit will be then so ingrained that during difficult times, the practice will come naturally. I want good and holy souls to state their Christianity often. For example, when confronted with a situation that is not holy I would like to hear souls say to their children or companions: 'This is not for us because we are Christians.'

"And then, little souls, I would like to see you leave that situation. Do you understand what a powerful impact that would have on others particularly if each Christian began to live that way? Imagine the impact on entertainment if Christians began to act like Christians and refuse to frequent un-Christian entertainment. That, all alone, would begin a shift that would save an enormous number of souls.

"You must think of your children. If families and parents consistently rejected any un-Christian entertainment, children would grow with this habit and holiness would push back into your world. Children of the Light, you must begin this behavior at once. It is never too late to save even one soul and this practice will save many.

"Difficult times are coming, it is true. But the times coming are being directed by Me, despite evidence to the contrary. You need not have the last word on earth. You will have the last word in heaven when you become the saint I have intended you to become."

And then on May 12, 2004 also to Anne, Jesus further said:

"Dear children, I am placing understanding in your hearts. I am also placing a divine calm in your souls so that you can proceed with peace in everything. There is work to be done. Souls must be brought back to My heart and it is through you, My servants, that I will do that. My mother stands ready to assist you in everything. Pray now, always. Offer every task, however humble, to Me in the spirit of prayer and it will become a divine ransom for a soul who is tumbling about in the darkness of your world.

"Offer Me every task and I can use each one to provide comfort and strength to a good and holy soul who is being attacked by the enemy. Are you sweeping the floor? Are you driving your car? Give those things to Me in prayer, little children. I will use them. You live for Me. Give Me everything in your life and I can perform the greatest of feats with the humblest of tasks." (End of quote.)

Anne also had communicated with one of my favorite saints, St. Therese of Lisieux, who passed on at the age of 23, promising to spend her time in Heaven helping us here on earth. The saint told Anne in May 2004, as follows:

"Greetings dear brothers and sisters. I, Therese, send you words of encouragement. I am a great advocate to you all. While on earth I made it a point to be at the Lord’s disposal in everything. I awakened each day and gave Him my will so that each of my tasks could be used for heaven. You must begin to do this also. If many souls on earth begin to make this act each morning, Jesus will have many graces available for souls.

"Brothers and sisters, do not fear the changes to come in the world. I am in heaven and I assure you, this is where you want to live. The world is so temporary, and may I say, so difficult. We are constantly being pulled away from Jesus in the world. I tried so hard to remain united to the Divine Will, but this required heroic acts of detachment.

"You must be joyful, little ones. Look to me for example and for help. Look at my life. I did nothing special in worldly terms and yet our Lord has allowed me to help with thousands and thousands of souls. I want to help you. Ask me for my intercession and you will receive it.

"When you read the words of Jesus and Mary you must understand that Jesus and Mary mean what they say. On earth, words do not have the same commitment. Often words are thrown around with very light meaning attached. Not so in heaven, dear brothers and sisters. When Jesus speaks, He speaks the truth. When our heavenly mother makes a promise, she means to fulfill it. I am telling you to rely on their promises. If Our Lady says she will see to your needs, you can be sure that she will. If Jesus says He will direct everything, it is the Truth. Do not be afraid. Thank God for all of His graces and be His willing cooperative child in each moment of each day. I will help you."


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