A fun and interactive learning experience awaited moms at the virtual parenting event for Nido 3+ hosted by the ExperTIPS Congress. The event gave helpful insights and valuable tips on how to provide children with the proper nutrients they need during this crucial stage in their development.

The panel of experts was composed of Dr. Edward Santos, Dr. Katrina Anna Valera and nutritionist-dietitian Ditas Sagarbarria, who gladly shared some topics and tips on childhood nutrition, the lack of diversity in a 3+ toddler’s diet and how to improve food and beverage intake of one’s toddler.

Also sharing their first-hand experiences in 3+ toddler parenthood were celebrity moms Marian Rivera and Iya Villania.

You can still watch, learn and play through this interactive website www.expertipscongress.com where you will find exciting booths to try out as well as rooms where your child is able to explore.