Quijano: A tale of two LA teams

I love chicken wings, though I prefer my sauces to be on the side so the wings retain their crisp, crunchy exteriors.

My daughters though—they are on another level. They are chicken wing aficionados. Pre-pandemic, their idea of a treat was a trip to those eat-all-you-can joints where they would gorge themselves to their hearts’ content.

But I am willing to bet their level of fanaticism pales in comparison with that of Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers.

MAGIC CITY. You see, after being granted leave to attend a funeral for a close family friend, Williams was caught visiting Magic City, a strip club in Florida afterwards when rapper Jack Harlow posted a picture on social media of him and Williams at the club.

In his defense, Williams staunchly declared he was just really there for the chicken wings.

As a consequence of that breach, Williams will be on a 10-day forced quarantine, and will miss the first two games of the resumption—including the all-important opener against their rivals, the LA Lakers.

He will also most likely lose a whopping $150,000 in salary during that 10-day period.

So check out how much those wings cost. Eat your heart out, Gordon Ramsay.

CARUSO. Juxtapose that with what Alex Caruso of the Los Angeles Lakers did. He opted to miss his sister Megan’s wedding in Texas rather than take the attendant risks of leaving the NBA bubble.

With Avery Bradley out and Rajon Rondo sidelined for a couple more weeks, Caruso will have to do a lot of back-up ball handling duties to Lebron James.

He understands that and opted to make a personal sacrifice. Williams doesn’t and couldn’t resist taking a detour for some hot chicken wings in a strip club.

Or is it chicken wings in a hot strip club?

COMPARISON. That pretty much sums up the current state of affairs between these two rival LA teams.

The Lakers are dialed in, and totally focused on the prize. In terms of leadership, Lebron James has got a vise-like grip on his teammates who have accepted their roles and understand what is demanded of them.

The Clippers have yet to parade a complete line-up with Ivica Zubac and Landry Shamet not available at the start of the NBA bubble and Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverley leaving to attend to family matters.

Their chemistry woes have prevented them from reaching their potential all season long and it looks like nothing has changed in this re-start.

The crazy thing is if you consider what would have happened if Williams had not been caught. He would have returned with fewer days in quarantine and potentially infected other players in the bubble had he caught the coronavirus.

VERBATIM. “15 years in this business and the most dirt you have on my name is stopping to get hot wings during a pandemic. Perk. Shut up. And stop laughing and saying it’s just TV when you run into me too.”—Lou Williams responding to Kendrick Perkins on Twitter

LAST ROUND. It’s on the UP Latagaw Brotherhood as we celebrate our 48th anniversary. In HBST, brods. Cheers!


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