PEOPLE around the world have been locked up in their own homes just to keep away from Covid-19, and what better way to overcome boredom than to make a bucket list.

Over the past year, citizens were forced to stay home. Due to the deadly virus spreading last 2019, governments from all over have installed strict lockdowns as insurance for the people’s safety.

Since the culture of staying out has been practiced for centuries already, the sudden change of norms has been an impact on many. With the substantial free hours that just landed on our hands, what can we do to pass the time?

Start a bucket list

Cambridge Dictionary defines the bucket list as a list of things one wants to achieve or finish. In the past, people relentlessly complained about never having free time to do the things they want. Now that we are all faced with this lockdown, why not attain those goals you wanted to achieve years back?

Personally, I think creating a list of goals is an investment you will never regret. The bucket list will push you to go further than your limit. It’s an opportunity for growth that one should embrace freely.

Start journaling

Journaling has been done for as long as I can remember. Many people think this act is simply a waste of time, but in reality, journaling can be very beneficial for you. It boosts creativity, improves handwriting, and surprisingly relieves stress. Based on my opinion, the best part about journaling is self-reflection done through writing. I get to process the pain, happiness, and every other emotion I have felt that day. The reflection part can also help you make better choices for tomorrow’s crossroads.

Start a workout routine

You often see people on your social media feed working out. Not because it was a trend, but because now you have the time to focus on achieving the body you have always dreamed of having. To help you out, you can always go to workout sites to find the best routine for you.

Learn a new skill

Personally, this goal does not go well with me. Learning a new skill can either be frustrating, challenging, or pleasing to whoever dares to achieve it. It might seem rough at first, but this goal has a lot of benefits to it. Benefits such as improving brain function and it opens more doors to opportunities.

These lists will push you beyond your limit. With the call of the times, people should take advantage of this lockdown. Making a bucket list will not only help you transition from the old life to the new, but it will also be your opportunity for growth. So grab a pen, find the nearest piece of paper, and start listing those goals.