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Rickson Alcantara
Rickson Alcantara

The pandemic lockdowns last year prompted a lot of people to seek ways to keep themselves sane while in the confines of their own homes. With malls closed or operating at limited hours in the early days of quarantine, people relied on their mobile phones and electronic gadgets when it came to not only purchasing essentials but also getting stuff they wanted.

As people learn to live safely with the continuing restrictions, they continued browsing merchandise offers in varied shopping applications. The variety of products available online is wider than those found in malls and stores, and can be conveniently purchased and delivered right at one’s doorstep.

SunStar LIVE! asked its readers about their most outrageous and memorable purchases online.

“Being a bookworm, I came across this surplus site online and ordered a bunch of assorted mystery books which were a bit overpriced. The genres or the titles were yet to be revealed only after the items were delivered. I was definitely excited to buy them for the thrilling experience and, of course, getting to read topics that were not within my zone.”

Bianca Gaviola, 21, Political science student (USC)

“I recently bought ocean slime with a toy penguin inside. Too bad the slime is just about half of the container, and I always play with it with my hands. It is still cute though.”

Rickson Alcantara, 26, Customer service representative

“Earlier during the pandemic, there was a viral post on Facebook talking about a Chinese medicine that could “remedy” Covid effects. It so happened that these were sold online at P200-plus for 24 tablets and regardless of it looking very sketchy, I placed an order for a couple packs out of paranoia. Surprisingly, the medicine made it through and indeed, the packaging was sketchy, bent everywhere, and up to this day, I still refuse to use it nor am I positively convinced with the purchase.”

Bela Christianna Bernal, 20, Architecture student (USC)

“It was probably that dog shirt that we found so cute for our little best friend. But when the product arrived, it was so small for our dog. We did not want it to go to waste, so we used it as a rug instead.”

Jherry Andrei Arbotante, 19, Student (Velez College)

“The crib for my kid, which I ordered on Shopee, is a unique online transaction. Most of the time, I’d only been ordering video games and toys for my collection. It was only then when I realized that I won’t be ordering stuff online for myself anymore.”

Chris Paolo Tiongco, 26, Architect


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