AFTER introducing early June 2021 a mobile application that is designed to make the voter application process more accessible, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is set to launch this project on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, in Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

The mobile application was rolled out in pilot areas and is currently implemented in more than 500 cities and municipalities, including Cebu City.

Comelec Commissioner Marlon Casquejo, who conceptualized the project, said that the launch of the mobile application is “very timely in the face of mobility restrictions brought about by Covid-19.”

In a statement, Comelec said it can be accessed using any smartphone even when offline.

“This will save time, effort, and money that will otherwise be spent on going to a computer shop to download and print the form, or getting the form at the local Comelec to fill it out manually,” Casquejo said.

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The mobile registration form application is downloadable through the link:

It can also be shared offline from one Android smartphone to another through SHAREit or any other file-sharing application. Once installed, the user may already apply for voter registration without the need for internet connectivity.

“A QR code is generated upon successful accomplishment of the form. You must save the QR code on your smartphone, and afterward, you may visit your local Comelec office to have your QR code scanned and your biometrics taken,” Casquejo said.

According to Comelec, registrants could use the mobile application to submit necessary personal information. However, voter registration could not be done fully online and registrants still need to go to their respective Comelec offices during office hours to capture their biometrics.

The agency said that using the online facility does not automatically mean approval of one’s application and does not automatically make one a registered voter.

Comelec provided these steps on how to use the mobile registration form application:

1. Open the mobile application. Then tap “Get Started.”

2. Select the desired type of application. Then tap “Proceed.”

3. Input all the necessary personal information.

4. Confirm personal information by ticking the checkbox.

5. Tap “Generate QR Code” and “Save” to save it in your phone gallery.

6. Bring a valid ID upon visiting the local Comelec office for QR code scanning.

Comelec has received at least 2.7 million applications for registration nationwide as of April 2021. (NRC, PR)