What makes Eyecare Deluxe different?

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EYECARE Deluxe is the first and only non-surgical eye center in Davao City.

Dr. Lareen Dawn Tan, owner of Eyecare Deluxe, is a comprehensive eye specialist for adult and pediatric patients. She provides specialty treatments that are not available in other optometry and ophthalmology clinics and centers in the region. Some of these specialty visual and ocular corrections are neuro-vision therapy and rehabilitation for lazy eye, strabismus, and other neuro-vision disorders; orthokeratology for myopia control or for non-surgical LASIK alternative; corneal lenses and scleral lenses for patients with keratoconus, keratoglobus, corneal problems, very high astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia; color blindness therapy, particularly for seamen, police, pilots, and firemen, who fail their Ishihara tests; low vision rehabilitation for visually-impaired or legally-blind patients; as well as provides premium eyeglasses, contact lenses, eye drops, eye supplements, and other auxiliary eye care products.

Dr. Lareen Dawn Tan also pioneered the pediatric optometry practice in Davao City. Through her efforts she has organized the Davao City Pediatric Optometrists in Vision Development (DCPOD) last 2019 and has invited Dr. Teresita Yambot, past Chairman of the Board of Optometry and a well-known developmental and pediatric optometrist in Manila, to help train local eye doctors manage vision problems in pediatric patients.

She spearheaded the DCPOD Adopt-a-School-Program where she performed pediatric eye examinations with her colleagues at the Kapitan Tomas Elementary School and personally sponsored all the prescription eyeglasses that were given to the public-school beneficiaries. She has also organized two nationwide trainings for her fellow eye doctors all over the Philippines who wanted to learn about Gas-Permeable Lenses last 2019, and this year 2021. For these two trainings, she has invited international colleagues Gulnara Adrienko, a Russian ophthalmologist; Keith Parker, a Lifetime of Dedication and Service Awardee from the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association USA; Jane Bugno, contact lens consultant of the Children’s Eye Physicians USA; and Derik Bugno, consultant of Advance Vision Technology, USA.

As a comprehensive eye specialist with vast experience in non-surgical specialty eye therapies and corrections and with her complete diagnostic ophthalmic facilities, the treatment and examination costs at Eyecare Deluxe might feel like a premium to some people. As much as they would like to serve everyone, they clearly understand that Eyecare Deluxe is not for everyone.

Want to go and visit them? Here is a breakdown of the type of fees that you may encounter when visiting Eyecare Deluxe.

1. Professional fee

Eyecare Deluxe is usually fully-booked, and cannot attend to walk-ins. They are strictly by appointment. Patients are advised to schedule their comprehensive eye exams at least two days in advance. Dr. Tan's professional fee is P2,000. This fee must be paid at least two days ahead to finalize the appointment.

Since Dr. Lareen Dawn Tan, is a comprehensive eye specialist who is affiliated with international specialty associations like the American Academy of Optometry, the Australian Council of Behavioral Optometry, College of Optometry in Vision Development, USA, College of Syntonic Optometry, USA, and the Optometric Extension Program, USA, it can be expected that Dr. Tan's professional fee may be higher than others. Nevertheless, Dr. Tan deducts the P2,000 professional fee from her patient's total bill on the day of their comprehensive eye exam.

2. Comprehensive eye exam fee

Dr. Lareen Dawn Tan performs comprehensive eye exams in keeping with a problem-based approach. Her comprehensive eye exams usually last two hours. Dr. Tan's comprehensive eye exam fee will depend on the complexity of the patient's eye and vision problems.

Rest assured, Dr. Tan never performs eye tests that are not necessary for her patient's eye condition, as performing unnecessary tests would take away her precious time for her other patients as well.

3. Treatment Fee

After the conduct of the comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Tan will discuss the specific treatments and corresponding prices that are applicable for her patient's eye condition. Eyecare Deluxe only includes the fees for the type of treatment that the doctor and patient have both agreed upon.

Eyecare Deluxe stands by the quality of all the products and services that they provide their patients. They also have a License to Operate from the Food and Drug Administration since they import medical devices and products from the USA, Russia, and Taiwan. They only work with Zeiss, Essilor, Nikon, Bernell, Good-Lite, Alcon, and other reputable companies.

All their eyeglasses’ frames are also from premium brands and have a one-year free replacement warranty, no-questions asked. Eyecare Deluxe initially provides eye drops and supplements for free to start off treatment. To encourage compliance, Eyecare Deluxe provides their patients 20 percent discount for succeeding orders of their maintenance eyedrops and supplements.

4. Follow-up Fee

To maintain the quality of its services, guarantee the effectiveness of correction and treatments employed, as well as monitor the vision and eye health of the patient, Dr. Tan designates a schedule for follow-up that is ideal for the patient's eye condition.

Eyecare Deluxe waives some of its fees for VIP patients who have orthokeratology, scleral lenses, corneal lenses, and other specialty services.

The cost of ensuring high-quality treatments and services can be expensive for some but Eyecare Deluxe recognizes that their patients’ vision is valuable and priceless. They are pioneering a premium alternative in vision and eye health with their evidence-based specialty eye treatments and premium eye care products and services.

Eyecare Deluxe is located at the 2F, Expansion Wing, Abreeza Mall, Davao City.

For more information about their clinic, you may visit www.eyecaredeluxe.com.

For appointments, you may call them through:

GLOBE 09954632319

SMART 09292279908

LANDLINE 0822259538


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