4 reasons why you should get modular furniture

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YOU might have heard of Modular Furniture by now as more individuals and companies are turning to this kind of furniture to fill and maximize their spaces.

Modular Furniture is a versatile furniture system with pre-made units that are tailored to the liking of the end-user.

But what makes them choose modular furniture now? We listed four common reasons among clients as shared with us in an interview with the people behind ABFrank Modular Furniture, a Davao-based Modular Furniture manufacturer.


One of the downsides of the usual furniture is it’s not easy to assemble, arrange, and move but with modular furniture, versatility is given importance.

“Modular Office Furniture enables businesses to have more versatility in both workspace and time. Moving and arranging furniture need not be a lot of work and labor,” Angelo Jay Plaza, ABFrank Modular Furniture’s design consultant, shared.

For home spaces, modular furniture is also perfect, as it allows flexibility in creating the type of space you visualize.

“It is intelligently designed to be functional and comfortable, you can easily personalize your space to fit your design aesthetic whether for work, home, or distant learning with a little less effort,” Mae Seniel-Zambrano, ABFrank Modular Furniture’s operations manager, added.


Modular Furniture is a good investment especially for those who are on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise the quality and functionality of their furniture.

Plaza said buying one piece doesn’t just come with one purpose or function, thereby saving the user a lot of money.

“It becomes a smart choice, cost-wise, since each piece's function is stretched making a simple office desk to a multifunctional workstation. A kitchen cabinet is no longer plain shelves but a clever space for amazing accessories such as mini pull-out spice racks and drawer dish trays. It is more than just a convenience; it is also a good investment for your homes or workspaces,” he underscored.


Modular Furniture has the power to maximize the limited space available. It helps a small space become homey and efficient.

“Its space-saving feature allows offices to minimize consumed space. It provides comfortability and promotes a conducive area for work thus increasing productivity in the office,” Plaza said.


With modular furniture you are saving mother nature to sustain future generations.

Seniel-Zambrano explained that modular furniture pieces, especially from ABFrank, are sustainable as these are composed of durable materials for longevity, naturally produce less waste, and often made with recycled materials.

“We always assure our clients that our boards are at the highest grade (which is E1 and E0) and safe for interiors. This means our boards have the least Formaldehyde emission -- the scent you smell in new things made of plastic or melamine films,” she said.

With all of these advantages brought by Modular Furniture, there is no doubt why it is becoming a trend as a lot of homeowners and company owners are after what gives them the best design solutions based on function.


ABFrank Modular Furniture is a Davao Modular Furniture manufacturer catering to a variety of industries, with in-house interior designers and architects who do the planning, designing, and overall process to ensure that each piece is high-quality and distinctly designed according to clients’ preferences and needs.

Customize a piece of furniture now with ABFrank Modular Furniture ! Reach them at 09155560362 and info@abfrankinteriors.com. Follow them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ABFDVO) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/abfdvo/).


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