From corporate job to farm life

From corporate job to farm life

Let’s face it. Many of us try to climb the career ladder, as it is perceived by many to be the only way to succeed in life.

Some succeeded. Others failed. A few of them moved on to—as cliché as it may sound—greener pastures.

Neil Clyde Kho left his corporate job as a quality engineer in a big company to follow his “calling”—as he calls it—of helping farmers.

Neil Clyde is the founder of The Green Table, a company which offers delivery services of farm-fresh, naturally and locally grown farm produce. It is technically an eCommerce service for the local farmers.

Considering his streaks of success as a quality engineer—he was often sent to China by his company—and now as chief executive officer of his own company, it may be surprising to know that Neil Clyde actually had a quiet beginning.

Farming has always been a part of his life. His passion first took root during his younger years when his parents sent him to a farm in Leyte to help and work on after he dropped out from his university. After living and working as a farmer, he came back to the city and finished his studies as a computer engineer. Just like everyone else, he found a job and became successful in his field.

“My experience at the farm humbled me and opened my eyes. I saw how hardworking our farmers were, yet they were not recognized and underpaid,” he shared.

After quite some time, Neil Clyde no longer felt the spark at work. He left his job and founded Green Collar Enterprise Philippines, the mother company of The Green Table. It all started by offering organic chicken in 2015, but according to Neil Clyde, “organic chicken or anything organic was not a thing yet.”

He tried offering locally grown and farm-fresh produce in a box or per kilo, which he would deliver straight to each customer’s doorstep. He partnered with local farmers around Cebu City. It became a hit especially during the lockdown period.

The brand grew and achieved one of the company’s goals of helping the farmers and their employees until such time that The Green Table’s customers requested if they could have their orders pre-cut “because they didn’t have a knife,” he said.

Just like every other business, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. So Neil Clyde, together with his co-founders, brainstormed and looked for the answer to their question: “What can we offer to our consumers that will make their lives easier, more convenient and encourage them to eat healthy?”

That’s when The Green Table’s DIY Smoothie Kit and Salad Kit came to be.

“Pre-cutting produce does not only make our customers’ lives easier but we were able to save and put those parts that people thought were scrap to good use,” Neil Clyde said.

The DIY Smoothie Kit comes with a carton of almond milk with different flavors to choose from: Pink Power Beets, BTS (Banana, Turmeric, Spinach), The Energizer, Detoxing Green, Immunity-Boosting Green, Stomach Soother, and Tropical Mango. Each smoothie has different benefits.

The Green Table had consulted with a nutritionist to help them come up with healthy offerings apart from doing its thorough research. Neil Clyde applied his skills and experience as a quality engineer in implementing quality measures to ensure quality products.

Its commissary and small store is located at Door J, Isabelo Arcade, Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City where one can grab-and-go.

For Neil Clyde, who lives by the “4Ps”—people, planet, purpose and prosperity—food can unite people. It connects producers to consumers.

“If you eat greens, not only are we helping the farmers but we are helping in regenerating Mother Nature,” he said.

“We are what we eat.”

The Green Table envisions encouraging more people to eat healthy and support local while empowering local farmers.


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