SMALL and big events can never be successful without the employment of quality sounds.

And a competent soundman is behind the mixing and cohesion of all instruments and vocals that make the assortment perfect in the ears and musicality of people.

Rudirick "Nhoy" Delamar, a Bacolodnon, is a prominent soundman who handles big events from corporate-sponsored concerts, events, and other productions shared how he honed his skills in sound mixing and production which he started in 1998 up to the present.

He started discovering his passion for music and sound mixing when he underwent a seminar on sounds and audio mixing at Siliman University when he was still studying at West Negros College (now a university) his Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Data Processing.

"I underwent the seminar for a month and that has helped me sharpen my skills in sound mixing. My family is also music lovers as my father used to be a member of the band and has an electrical business. Music and sounds have been part of our lives as our family has a deep propensity to music. It has helped me a lot in my journey to sound mixing," he said.

Delamar served as the soundman in the annual staging of the "Jazz Festival" involving international talents who were so detailed with the quality of the sounds.

"It was my friend Michael Tambasen who introduced me to Jazz Festival and it was very challenging considering that international artists were meticulous. They want us to provide them a perfect pitch and sound quality. Their standard is always in the level of perfection and quality sounds," he said.

He served as the sound man of rock bands Kamikazee, Sponge Cola, and many others when they staged concerts in Bacolod which commonly involved sound perfection.

"But, with all modesty, we have delivered what was expected of me and my production team." he shared.

Delamar has put up his sound firm named Muzik One in 2010. It was a by-word in the production industry. But it halted when the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world until now.

He used to be a band member called Tres where he served as a drummer or percussionist. There were opportunities before where Universal Studios offered them to be part of a big production but he declined because he doesn't want to leave the city.

He also served as a brass band member of West Negros College.

He was a musician by heart, according to his friend Ramoncito Taño and sound and music run through his veins.

With the pandemic where events were curtailed, Delamar said that their form of production was modified to the online platform.

"The income is not that ensuring but at least we still have some pocket events and online production which can help alleviate the economic hardship caused by Covid-19. The challenges are different but still, we can deliver the demands. I can still hone my skills and stimulate them under the new normal. It is more on recordings and live streaming, with pocket events like weddings and special occasions," he said.

He hopes that the prevailing condition will be reversed soon so that everything will be back to normal, he said.