The purpose of this Feng Shui forecast is to provide clarity. When the energy is positive, maximize to your advantage. When the energy is negative you manage what you can with it.

The point of reference is your Main Door Sector: Stand at the center of your home and with a compass, identify where your main door is located (not facing).

East Main Door Sector

Losses will be prevalent this time, whether it be physical loss of material belongings, work-related associations, or even the loss of people who you thought were your closest friends. Take extreme caution when going out, especially when traveling late at night. Cancel all home renovation, particularly activities such as drilling, digging, or pounding hammers.

Southeast Main Door Sector

Wealth opportunities will pop up for you this month, whether it be in the form of a salary increase, mid-year bonuses, or just returns on investments. And if you can afford to, save up the bigger part of your windfall immediately so you have more than enough funds in cases of emergencies.

South Main Door Sector

A boost of creativity for students and other family members involved in the academe. Dive deep into your studies or courses as you will definitely yield successful outcomes. A prolific month as well for singles who are trying to manifest their true love. A good time to socialize virtually or physically but still within the safety protocols as the energies of romance may lead you to a fateful meeting with a potential mate.

Southwest Main Door Sector

This is an opportune time for you to raise your market value in your career, business, or social clubs, as you will be recognized for your skills and leadership qualities in a big way. Along with the recognition could also be financial promotion, so don’t limit yourself at all this month with whatever challenges may be thrown at you.

West Main Door Sector

Be extra careful, as the illness star pervades your space. Postpone any home renovation plans so as not to disturb the West sector with loud noises such as drilling, hammering, or digging. And don’t forget to take all your vitamins and minerals daily too.

Northwest Main Door Sector

You’ll see your status elevated, bringing with it the conceptualization of new ideas that will be revolutionary, be it at work or in your business. Your career luck will get a definitive boost, thanks to all the efforts you’ve been putting in the last several months. This auspicious energy also offers chances for expansion, new relationship connections, and community appreciation for all the selfless deeds you’ve been showing and sharing for others.

North Main Door Sector

Accidents, heavy losses or conflicts will be unavoidable if you keep this sector active, so do your best to cancel any home renovation activities like excavation and other noise-generating movements in July. Be extra cautious in your dealings with others, especially people you hardly know, and use this time instead to meditate and keep yourself grounded and balanced.

Northeast Main Door Sector

Try not to let every single thing get to you, especially in the presence of your loved ones who might be deeply hurt by a word or two you might say out of spite. Don’t activate these negative energies with any loud noises (including home renovations), colorful and bright lights, and extra movements in this sector. Just remember to breathe, whenever you feel yourself getting stressed out.

Center sector of every home and office

Abundance will round out the whole space of your home or business, thanks to the good energies in the Center sector and you should take advantage of this bountiful time. To bring in new opportunities and future prosperity, work on your great ideas now by putting them into action and sharing them with people you trust.