THE town of the third district of Tarlac, namely, Concepcion, La Paz, Capas and Bamban, will be electing a representative worth a fight with the incumbent Rep Joel Villanueva.

He is Mayor Jose Antonio "Jon" T. Feliciano of Bamban, a second-class municipality as of today.

He touts an impressive array of accomplishments, all done in the name of his constituents whose welfare has him focused on rather than infrastructure projects like a seamless road network that will connect Bamban from all directions.

Foremost in his bucket list of achievements is the rendition of continuous and sustainable medical services which registered a total of 8,792 patients from 2013 up to December 2020; dialysis assistance program where 78 beneficiaries have been served, of which 30 patients' expenses came from the personal funds of Mayor Jon, a number of caesarian deliveries and the renovation of the rural health unit building.

He has initiated the installation of free WiFi, educational projects, daycare, love bus and sakay na projects.

In his holistic public service approach, he has initiated a school service project, funeral assistance, hybrid dispersal project, including a peking duck dispersal project and a massive equipment project involving bulldozers, garbage compactor, grader, dump trucks, man lift, rescue and service vehicles.

All these can be seen near the municipal building and can be readily used at a moment's notice.

The would-be congressman Jon plans to replicate, and probably exceed, all his accomplishments done in Bamban for the whole third district of Tarlac. He brings with him the same zeal and hard work for a bigger sector. Mayor Jon can, and will, accomplish much more.

A vote for Mayor Jon is a vote for good and better service for the people of the third district of Tarlac.

Welcome, Congressman Jon Feliciano! Let's rally behind him for good governance.