What’s your favorite cold drink during hot days?

Kenosis Leo Gadapan, 22, chef
Kenosis Leo Gadapan, 22, chef

The rainy days are upon us. Yet, even after the weather bureau’s official declaration, we still experience scintillating episodes that make us wonder if it really is the “rainy season.”

Unfortunately, a hot day could sometimes equate to not just dehydration but also being “hot headed.” This is the last thing we want, with the stressful situation we are in (no thanks to Covid-19). It’s important to have something to cool yourself always within reach.

Today, SunStar LIVE! asked readers what their perfect heatbusters are when the sun seems unrelenting.

“My hack last summer was peeling fruits like bananas and avocados and popping them in the freezer overnight. They freeze up really nicely and you can have them as they are or blend them into a smoothie with soy milk. Bananas and avocados end up kind of creamy and help in digestion. Guyabanos have an acidic kick and help fight cancer. Blended buko meat and juice make really nice popsicles to curb dehydration. There’s a fruit for almost anything.”

Tiffany Neri, 26, content producer

“My favorite would be a scoop of ice cream or iced coffee. These frozen delicacies are essential in maintaining a cool head. Iced black coffee serves as a perfect wake-up drink that gives me energy throughout the day. It’s important to keep hydrated during hot days.”

Therese Martinez, 19, USC architecture student

“Whenever the day heats up, a glass of fruit shake quenches my thirst. It is even more perfect especially when I am at the beach.”

Carl Clint Lu, 25, construction engineer

“Nothing beats a cool and creamy dirty coffee from the Elephant Grounds for me. It beats the heat, keeps me awake and I feel like a rich ‘tito.’”

Jan Rebong, 28, coach and entrepreneur

“Nothing beats a hot day more than eating ice cream. The frozen treat refreshes me from the heat because it’s very cold, sweet and delicious.”

Kenosis Leo Gadapan, 22, chef


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