THE City Health Office of Cagayan de Oro has noted an increase in the new coronavirus cases over the weekend.

The cumulative confirmed cases in the city have reached 11,969 after it logged 302 Covid-19 cases in July 24 and 25, all of which are local transmissions.

The City Health Office said of the 302 new cases, 152 were local index cases, 109 were close contacts of previously confirmed cases, 19 were local authorized persons outside residence (Apors), 13 were Apors with link, and nine were mortalities.

The active cases in Cagayan de Oro have reached 1,427, of which 441 were admitted to the Northern Mindanao Medical Center and other hospitals in the city and 986 were outpatients.

Cagayan de Oro also registered 77 new coronavirus-positive persons who were tagged as "recovered," bringing the total number of recoveries in Cagayan de Oro to 10,009.

The number of Covid-19 deaths in the city is now at 533.

Meanwhile, the total number of vaccinated confirmed coronavirus-positive individuals in Cagayan de Oro has reached 1,360, according to the report of city epidemiologist Dr. Joselito Retuya on Monday, July 26.

Retuya said of the 1,360 vaccinees, 898 were vaccinated with Sinovac vaccine, 308 were vaccinated with AstraZeneca, 106 with Pfizer, 45 with Sputnik V, and three Sinopharm.

Of the 898 Covid-positive Sinovac vaccinees, 669 individuals are experiencing mild symptoms, 163 are asymptomatic, 62 have moderate symptoms, and four are severe cases.

Among the 308 AstraZeneca vaccinees, 210 individuals have mild symptoms, 73 are asymptomatic, 24 have moderate symptoms, and one is a severe case.