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Cervantes: Jesus Christ cites lowly malunggay to boost immunity

Phone Notes

IN HIS message to mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla on July 6, 2021, Our Lord Jesus warned of “shaking of countries,” particularly in Europe and South America. He also hinted that the huge Yellowstone volcano, one of the most popular nature park in the US, would erupt.

Jesus noted that "My children’s purification is necessary, the purification of My Own is urgent — some are deciding to convert. This is a time for change: I require of you a change in your work and actions. Each person chooses either shackles or the freedom that My love offers them."

In the same message to Luz, Our Lord also said: "My Beloved People, to keep the immune system high, take moringa for no longer than two weeks, then rest for three weeks and begin again. Drink green tea, not excessively. The best medicine for the body is that of a clean soul without grudges, without hurts, without envy, without resentment. If the body falls sick, the soul continues to adore Me."

Now such quote is certainly headline material in these times of lingering worldwide coronavirus pandemic, especially in the Philippines where moringa, yes, that which we know as malunggay, can grow abundantly.

The Blessed Mother herself had also conveyed some natural means to protect us from diseases, recommending an array of herbs which, unfortunately, are not common in the Philippines, except for garlic.

In the early days of Covid-19 last year, local TV showed a video sent by stranded workers in Saudi Arabia who said none of them got sick of coronavirus because they took raw garlic daily. But I can't readily correlate garlic and virus, since garlic is known as a form of antibiotics that fight bacteria, not virus.

Of course, we have studies from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) saying that virgin coconut oil and another herb endemic in our country (My senior brain can't recall the name of the herb) show promise in the fight against coronavirus and hopefully this is so.

But, alas, now it's Jesus Himself telling us how to boost our immune system amid a pandemic that finds people with vulnerable weak immunity a major target? To think that moringa -- the humble malunggay for tinola -- is readily found all over the country, is easily grown and grows fast, we are much blessed.

I have some in my backyard and, with divine disclosure on its anti-pandemic value, plan to cut branches to stick into the soil for more growths.

Two weeks intake, Jesus had declared without specifying whether the fruit or the leaves or the bark is to be consumed, but by reason of traditional practice in human history, I assert that Our Lord could be referring to leaves which sprout abundantly in the tree and which could be made into tea, fresh or dried. Again, Jesus did not say whether this means should serve to prevent or to cure coronavirus ailment, but I don't think either way would cause harm.

Beyond malunggay, Our Lord also told Luz: "I love you, My little children, I love you. United with My Heavenly legions, My People will triumph, and you will all belong to My Mother. My special blessing be with My children: I cover you with My precious blood, I protect and strengthen you."

Now for more messages from Heaven amid our unusual times, rhe Blessed Mother issued the following message via mystic Gisella Cardia on July 24, 2021:

"My daughter, know that what no one expects will come: the times are running quickly and accelerating. My dear daughter, these are the worst of times that humanity is experiencing: many people are suffering, but especially those who do not know God. There is still open spiritual warfare, but those who are faithful should fear nothing.

"I tell my children of light that evil will not be able to touch them, therefore be joyful and calm because providence will come to you without hesitation. Know that this is the moment of the choice between good and evil: may your decision be for the good and therefore for eternal life. My children, I say to you: all this evil will end — Satan is taking advantage of the weakest and most fragile souls, but when my Son comes, everything will be new and renewed. Testify that faith is joy, love and unity. Now I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. I, your Mother, am with you."

Now let me digress a bit.

In 2018, Catholic Church authorities approved as worthy of belief the apparitions of the Blessed Mother in San Nicolas in Argentina, starting in 1983. The visionary was then 46-year-old mother-of-two Gladys Quiroga de Motta who first saw the Blessed Mother in her bedroom as she was praying. Later on, Jesus would also appear to her. During Good Fridays, Gladys suffered the stigmata or the manifestation of the Jesus’ crucifixion wounds in her hands.

At first, the Blessed Mother only appeared to her without saying anything. Then, on October 13, 1983, she finally spoke, addressing Gladys: “You have been faithful. Do not be afraid. Come to see me. You will walk, hand in my hand, and you will travel a long road.”

In the following month, the Blessed Mother’s apparitions to Gladys became daily. The Blessed Mother requested the construction of a church in San Nicolas and she also conveyed many messages, many of them prophetic, for you and me.

I am now sharing some of the Blessed Mother’s messages from San Nicolas for it is her wish that the messages be spread. I am requesting the pious reader to help spread her messages too.

On December 12, 1983, the Blessed Mother gave Gladys the following prayer:

“Father, deliver us from all evil. With Your holy wisdom, Lord, save us from all sin. In the name of all those who love You, Lord, lead us on the right road. Amen.”

And the Blessed Mother made a promise: “Anyone who say this prayer for nine consecutive days, together with a Rosary, will receive a very special grace from me.”

Then here are dated messages conveyed to Gladys:

December 27, 1983:

“All humanity is contaminated. It does not know what it wants, and it is the evil one’s chance, but he will not be the winner. Christ Jesus will win the great battle, my daughter. You must not let yourselves be surprised; you must be alert. For this reason, daughter, I ask for so much prayer, so much obedience to God. I say this for the whole world.”

December 29, 1983:

“Speak of my messages, you cannot hide them! It is your Father’s will! He would not ask for something that cannot be done, nor say something that could not be spoken of.”

January 8, 1984:

“At these moments, all humanity is hanging by a thread. If the thread breaks, many will be those who do not reach salvation ... Hurry, because time is running out.”

February 25, 1984:

“The Lord will answer those who repent for their bad behavior. The Lord says, ‘Repent, and I will forgive you.’ The enemy will not advance; the hand of God Our Father will stop him. When the time comes, He will uproot all evil, purify you, and you will become good Christians. Glory be to Heaven.”


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