Quijano: The dawning of new era in Philippine sports

Quijano: The dawning of new era in Philippine sports

Truly, a new era is upon us. Things have taken a turn for the better in Philippine sports.

Sometimes, without warning it just happens and the stars just re-align their preternatural order and the universe stops kicking you in the butt.

The Pinoy athlete now stands proud among his peers in Olympic competition. Aside from finally bagging that elusive first Gold medal, the level of excellence cuts across many disciplines and is seemingly becoming the standard in our athletes’ performances.

BEST. Boxing, which traditionally has been our go-to sport in our search for medals, continues to hold the line and two of our boxers are already assured of a bronze medal and gunning for the ultimate prize.

Pole vaulter EJ Obiena may have faltered in his bid, but he was the only Asian to qualify for the medal round. He will go down as probably the best we have ever produced in athletics.

Swimmer Remedy Rule and sprinter Kristina Knott all gave decent accounts of themselves.

As I am writing this column, golfer Bianca Pagdanganan is off to a strong start and so far, a medal finish is not unlikely. Yuka Saso’s caddie suffered a heat stroke and how it affects her performance remains to be seen as she struggled a bit in this game requiring shot precision and patience.

Regardless of what transpires in the next few days, we are already assured of our best finish.

Truly, the Pinoy athlete is now respected and revered among his rivals. Never thought that day would arrive this soon but it has. In the coming years expect more medals, awards and incredible performances from our Pinoy athletes.

This is it. There’s no turning back.

Decades from now, we will be reliving this moment as we regale our grandchildren of the tales of old when the Pinoy athlete was under-appreciated, underestimated and disrespected.

And their bright eyes will turn wide in amazement and they will laugh softly at that incredulous proposition.

Then I will get up slowly from my chair and make my way gingerly to my room as I turn on the TV and keep abreast of the medal standings in the 2048 Olympics.

VERBATIM. “I experienced living in a shelter with only a tarpaulin to cover us. I’m not ashamed of it because I know in my heart that God is watching us and my day will come.”--Nesthy Petecio (www.onenews.ph)

LAST ROUND. It’s on Tita Chona Maningo-Singco who celebrates her birthday next week. Cheers!


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