WHEN I first saw the trailer of Revirginized, I knew it’s worth the screen time. And I wasn’t wrong. Apart from the fact that it is top billed by the one and only megastar Sharon Cuneta playing a never-before-seen role in her entire career, the film also screams substance and social issues that would spark conversations among viewers.

If you only saw the trailer but haven’t watched the entire film yet, here are four things that might make you click the play button on Vivamax. (Warning: This article somehow contains spoilers about the movie.)

Savior syndrome explained

After reprimanding the teenagers for getting wasted over booze and partying like there’s no tomorrow, Carmela (played by Sharon) was confronted by her goddaughter Cheska (Abby Bautista) for always playing the savior card.

“Will you quit that savior syndrome or white knight syndrome? Para kang laging may need na iligtas ang mga tao kahit hindi naman nila kailangan iligtas,” Cheska told her Ninang.

While offering help is always welcome in real life, it is also best to have oneself checked if you are being helpful or too intrusive borderline annoying. While the intention is good, it is better to always ask the other person if they need help or maybe they just want to deal with it alone. It always pays to read the room first.

Love for pawikan

“Pangalagaan ang kalikasan, protektahan ang pawikan,” Carmela declared during the rave party scene in the movie.

Aside from urging the younger generation to protect the environment and endangered species like pawikans or sea turtles, the film also gives meaningful metaphors of pawikan.

Director and screenwriter Darryl Yap mentioned the impact that can be made even with just baby pawikan steps.

Morph (Marco Gumabao) shouted at Carmela when the latter was feeling hopeless about her life: “Ang sabi mo sa pawikan habang umiihi ka, baby steps, baby pawikan steps. Pakunti-konti hanggang sa marating mo din ang gusto mong mapuntahan. Oo, alam kong mahirap, hindi madali at maraming hadlang pero alam mo kailangan mo lang ng konting push, kaya ito ako pinu-push kita.”

Life can be hard for us, but by taking constant small steps we will arrive at where we are supposed to be. Just like how baby pawikans arrive at the sea waters from their nesting place on the shore.

Of consent, regrets, teenage pregnancy

The film also shows how immature decisions could lead to a life of regrets and what ifs. Carmela, a talented and honor student back then, became pregnant and married at 16 with Bart (Albert Martinez). Her life got stuck as a housewife while Bart moved forward and reached his dream as an architect. Their marriage didn’t work out in the long run.

“Diba sabi mo sabay nating tutuparin ang mga pangarap natin? Ako mag-a-abogada tapos ikaw naman arkitekto pero nung nabuntis ako at pinakasalan mo ako ikaw na lang ang nangarap, ikaw na lang ang nabuo, iniwan mo ako dito... hininto ko ang buhay ko para sa iyo eh,” - this heartbreaking line from Carmela speaks volume of how devastated her life is and how she struggled due to a mistake she did at a very young age.

There’s also a line from Carmela in the film that emphasizes how people, especially men, should honor consent.

“Ang sabi ko wag, wag, ayoko ko. Sabi ko, ayoko hindi pa ako handa...”

Carmela also confessed how the guilt of disappointing her parents continues to haunt her until the present time.

Virginity shouldn’t be an issue

Virginity shouldn’t define the value of a woman. This is what Carmela trying to point out when she asked Morph: Bakit ba kayo mga lalaki napakaimportante sa inyo ang nakauna, naka-devirginize, ang big deal ng first, yung virgin, kung makasalita kayo parang di naman kayo lumabas doon.

Valuing women based on virginity is among the many toxic masculinity traits in our society that has no room in modern times.

There is more to “Revirginized” than what was shown in the trailer. If you found the trailer fun and hilarious, wait until you watch the whole thing and let me know your thoughts. It deserves to be on your watchlist this weekend.

Revirginized is currently the top movie in the streaming platform Vivamax. It is available at web.vivamax.net. You can also download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store and App Store.