IN ANCIENT Roman times, they supposedly had slaves whispering “Memento mori” (Remember you are mortal!) into the ears of successful emperors or generals during victory parades. According to legend, the purpose was to keep the honoree sufficiently grounded in order to avoid becoming a victim of hubris.

In modern times, the reverse example was Bundini Brown, the sidekick of Muhammad Ali, who kept shouting (not just whispering) to Ali: "You are the greatest... (You can) float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Over time, Ali did believe he was not just the greatest, but the Greatest of All Time (GOAT). Many sports historians and writers happen to agree.

But Bundini Brown had one grievous mistake. Brown failed to also remind Ali: “Memento mori” (Remember you are mortal!). And so Ali kept on fighting. At 38 years and after a long lay-off, Ali tried to recapture the world heavyweight crown for an unprecedented fourth time.

On October 2, 1980, 16 years after Ali shook the world by beating an ‘unbeatable” Sonny Liston, six years after knocking out the indestructible George Foreman in the "Rumble in the Jungle," and five years after stopping his nemesis Joe Frazier in "Thrilla in Manila," Ali sat in his stool. His former sparring mate, Larry Holmes, gave Ali such a terrible beating over 10 rounds, that Ali's trainer Angelo Dundee asked the referee to stop the fight. Larry Holmes later cried in his dressing room for having beaten up Ali, his spar mate, his idol, who taught him so much about boxing.

Ali was luckier than the Brown Bomber, Joe Louis. Louis had ruled the heavyweight division for 25 years. Attempting to make a comeback (at age 37) against the rising Rocky Marciano (28), Louis was knocked out cold outside the ropes.

Paging our Champ For Life Manny Pacquiao. To the millions of Filipinos and your fans all over the world, you are truly great. Your brilliant career may never be equaled for years to come. But now, it is time to stop listening to the Bundini Browns around you. Memento mori (Remember you are mortal!).

Muntinlupa City Covid-19 Vaccination Program (MunCoVac)

About 38.7 percent fully vaccinated, 64.4 percent given first dose. Further, MunCoVac also launched the "Bakuna sa Gabi" program or the extended hours of vaccination operations for A4 category individuals. The Bakuna sa Gabi program was launched at the New Cupang Health Center starting August 16 from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. for economic frontliners. The public is advised that the schedule for the program is only by appointment and residents are encouraged to first register online.

In spite of the efforts, the Muntinlupa City Health Office (CHO) recorded a significant rise in the average number of daily confirmed cases for the last two weeks, while the local Ospital ng Muntinlupa reached its full bed capacity for Covid-19 and non-Covid cases.

Muntinlupa CHO Chief Dr. Juancho Bunyi reported that the average daily confirmed cases for the last two weeks is now at 118 cases per day. This is a 151 percent increase from 47 cases per day in the previous two-week period (July 20-August 2) prior to the imposition of the enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila. Bunyi also noted that the city's attack rate and positivity rate are at an alarming level. As of August 15, the attack rate in the city is now at 30.24 per 1,000 population and the positivity rate is at 13.16 percent.

The total bed occupancy rate at Ospital ng Muntinlupa has also reached 115 percent with 237 patients in the hospital out of 206 bed capacity, while the bed capacity rate for Covid-19 cases has risen to 103 percent with 106 patients admitted out of the allotted 103 beds as of August 15. Further, the city's isolation facilities in Pacwood Site, Ospital ng Muntinlupa and barangays have 102 patients, of which 95 are Covid-19 positive patients and seven are probable cases. The isolation facilities have a 175 bed capacity as of the same date.

With the alarming rise in Covid-19 cases and high attack rate in certain communities, Muntinlupa City Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi has imposed the enhanced localized community quarantine in five areas of concern. The areas under hard lockdown include Purok 3, Molera Compound in Barangay Sucat and Purok 7, Beatriz Compound, De Mesa L & B Street in Barangay Alabang from August 13-27, Block 8, Hills View and Mangga St., Lakeview Homes in Barangay Putatan from August 12-26 and Chico St., Laguerta in Barangay Tunasan from August 10-25.

Muntinlupa City has 16,548 confirmed cases with 14,596 recoveries, 1,547 active cases, 405 reported deaths, 37 suspect cases, and 2,107 probable cases as of August 15.

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