THE break up of Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes has been a trending topic for quite some time now. Most people following the issue believe that the estranged couple's relationship became shaky when Paolo unfollowed LJ's Instagram stories - it was on August 19, 2021.

A source said that LJ flew for the States to mend her broken heart. While Paolo is said to have been photographed with another woman. Now netizens react to Paolo Contis being sighted in Baguio with a mystery woman. They're calling for a "face reveal."

It was obvious that the guy on the photo is none other than Paolo Contis a source said. Nung makunan ang picture pareho silang nakaupo, magkatabi sa isang cozy resto. naka-side view si paolo habang nakatalikod ang babae kaya hindi masyadong nakilala."

Paolo remained mum about his split up with LJ.

* * *

In an Instagram post on Sunday, August 29, 2021, Andi Eigenmann uploads photos of Ellie and expresses how much she misses her. Ellie is currently with her dad Jake Ejercito in Manila. Andi is based in Siargao with fiance Philmar Alipayo and their two kids.

Andi co-parents and shares custody of Ellie with Jake. Andi also reflected on her life as a mom to three amazing kids. As a parent, Andi has come to realize that she has a duty to prepare her children for the real world. But the biggest challenge is actually preparing herself for that day when they must leave to spread their wings.

The actress said, "Having 3 kids doesn't mean we learn to split our heart into pieces. Mothers just have this innate capability of having our hearts grow big enough to have more and more love to give. I cherish this gift so much because it is the most important thing we can offer our kids. But it could get pretty difficult too. Especially when they start to grow into their own person with their own preferences and making their own decisions."

She added, "I just have to constantly remind myself that I committed to raising my little girl in order for her to find her true and authentic self so that she could live her happiest and best life. Not so that she could stay with me forever and keep me comfortable."

Andi has relocated to Siargao with her fiance Philmar Alipayo. The couple has two kids: Lilo, who is now two years old, and Baby Koa, who they welcomed in January 2021.