While 2020 may have been the worst year in recent memory for people, it’s probably the best year for pets because they got to see their hooman (human) 24/7, and got belly rubs most of the time!

In 2020, pet adoption increased significantly. This proves that pets make for perfect companions, and are constants in this time of uncertainty and anxiety.

Pets have an uncanny way of knowing just what to do to make their fur-parents feel better. So, it’s no surprise why full-fledged fur-parents love to give their pets a sweet life as their way of showing their love and appreciation. There are even times when hoomans love to share everything they have with their pets including their favorite food! However, not all human food is good for the pets—some are even poisonous for them.

Kong’s makes 100 percent pet-safe versions of your favorite food and snacks including cookies, corn dogs, pastries, cakes, and even milk tea made from organic ingredients with no artificial coloring and no preservatives.

These food items for pets are handmade by 21-year-old furparent Chesca Lee, who enjoys cooking, and has a dog named Hoochu and a cat named Kong.

It all started when she saw a dog-safe cake video on social media and tried to make one for her dog. After studying about ingredients that are safe for pets, and with her cooking skills, Chesca was able to develop her own recipes.

“At first, it was fun to see my babies eating the food that I made that looks exactly like human food, and I felt a strong feeling that this was going to be some special experience for dogs and cats as time goes by,” she shared.

Chesca shared that she uses natural coloring which is mostly made of vegetables and fruits—the sauce on her “spawghetti” is made from strawberry.

One of the struggles of fur-parents is not knowing what food to serve their fur-babies when there is an occasion, and they want to make them feel that there’s something special going on, especially during their birthdays. With this in mind, Chesca created a “pawstry” set that includes a box of petzza (pizza), pawburger (hamburger), sweet potato fries and chicken with spawghetti (spaghetti), so your pet can celebrate with you. If you fancy a high tea afternoon with them, Chesca also made a pawstry box which contains madeleines, scoop cookies, beef liver cookies, croissants and waffles.

Since this food for pets has no preservatives, each food item can be kept for a week if stored in the refrigerator, and maximum of three weeks in the freezer. Chesca also advises to microwave before serving to prevent troubles in digestion.

Check out Kong’s on Instagram (@kongs_pet_food) or https://www.facebook.com/kongsfoodforyourpet/ on Facebook. You may also pick up or get some of its products at Icha Dessert Cafe in SM Seaside City Cebu.