Monday, October 25, 2021

Cervantes: World setting stage for the biblical 'mark of the beast'

Phone Notes

RESTRICTIONS arising from the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic are not enough to douse the truth of what the Blessed Mother said in Fatima in 1917 that most people go to hell because of the sins of the flesh. Nay, such restrictions have even brought people closer to fleshy sins...via the internet and the assorted pornography it offers in handy phones whose portability offers suitable geography for secret sinning.

This poses greater challenges for good parents whose children simply have to be provided with phones for their practicality, if not necessity in our days, despite the evils that lurk in the web.

But smartphones can offer good things. It allows access to inspiring videos, apps for enlightening books including the Bible, venues for communication with people of noblest intentions reaching out to help. Thus, one Twitter user named OnePeterFive posted recently: “The greatest thing about smartphones is programming the Angelus bells to go off from your pocket daily. If Christendom is to be rebuilt, the thrice-daily Angelus must be restored. Let’s change the smartphones from tools of the Devil to tools of Christendom.”

Meanwhile, the internet bells continue tolling clangs of the apocalypse, pushing many to quote the Bible’s Book of Revelation: “[The beast] causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.” (Rev 13:16-17)

Again, this brings to mind the prophecy of St. Paisios of Mt. Athos (1924–1994) which I had shared in a past column and am repeating thus:

“ a vaccine has been developed to combat a new disease, which will be obligatory and those taking it will be marked... Later on, anyone who is not marked with the number 666 will not be able to either buy or sell, get a loan, get a job, and so forth. My thinking tells me that this is the system through which the Antichrist has chosen to take over the whole world, and people who are not part of this system won’t be able to find work and so on — whether black or white or red; in other words, everyone he will take over through an economic system that controls the global economy, and only those who have accepted the seal, the mark of the number 666, will be able to participate in business dealings.”

In other countries, coronavirus vaccinations are being imposed on some groups, such as among federal workers in the US. Someone in the Philippine congress even decided she could do better by proposing mandatory vaccinations for all.

Is the devil about to unleash the biblical “mark of the beast” as part of the antichrist scenario?

Canadian evangelist and renowned Catholic author Mark Mallett sees a nearing horizon of such a tableau.

In the website which he co-manages, Mallett recalled that “in March 2020, during a discussion with my son on the mark of the beast, I suddenly “saw” in my mind’s eye a vaccine coming that will be integrated into an electronic “tattoo” of sorts that may be invisible. Such a thing had never crossed my mind nor did I consider that such a technology existed.”

The following day, he encountered an article in the Futurism publication which reported thus:

“For the people overseeing nationwide vaccination initiatives in developing countries, keeping track of who had which vaccination and when can be a tough task. But researchers from MIT might have a solution: they’ve created an ink that can be safely embedded in the skin alongside the vaccine itself, and it’s only visible using a special smartphone camera app and filter.”

Mallett recalled his reaction to the article: “I was shocked, to say the least. The very next month, this new technology entered clinical trials. Ironically, the invisible ‘ink’ used is called ‘Luciferase,’ a bioluminescent chemical delivered through “quantum dots” that will leave an invisible ‘mark’ of your immunization and record of information. This technology, developed by MIT, is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation — an organization that is dictating, along with the World Health Organization (WHO), a program to vaccinate the world. The Gates Foundation is also working with the United Nations program ID2020 that seeks to give every citizen on earth a digital ID tied to a vaccine. GAVI, ‘The Vaccine Alliance’ is teaming up with the UN to integrate this vaccine with some kind of biometric.”

Mallett then noted: “If vaccines are becoming mandatory such that one cannot “buy or sell” without one; and if some future “vaccine passport” is required as proof of inoculation (which is happening as we speak in many countries); and if it is being planned, and it is, that the entire global population must be vaccinated; and that these vaccine passports could literally be imprinted onto the skin... it is certainly possible that something like this could eventually become the ‘mark of the beast,’ as St. Paisos foresaw. Moreover, since the vaccine stamp being developed by MIT actually contains information left behind in the skin, it is also not a stretch to imagine such a vaccine incorporating the “name” or “number” of the beast at some point. One can only surmise.” (End of quote.)

Vaccine developments also remind us of messages that believable Catholic mystics have been getting from Heaven. On Jan. 12, 2021, Our Lord Jesus told Luz de Maria: “Human beings are being cornered by global power, which sullies human dignity, leading people to great disorder, acting under the dominion of the spawn of Satan, consecrated beforehand by their own free will... At this very difficult time for humanity, the attack of diseases created by misused science will continue to increase, preparing humanity so that it would voluntarily request the mark of the beast, not only in order not to become sick, but to be supplied with what will soon be materially lacking, forgetting spirituality due to a weak Faith. The time of the great famine is advancing like a shadow over humanity that is unexpectedly facing radical changes...”

In 2019, a few weeks before the coronavirus exploded worldwide, Canadian mystic Fr. Michel Rodrigue quoted God the Father telling him: “Great darkness envelops the world, and now is the time. Satan is going to attack the physical body of My children whom I created in My image and in My likeness... Satan, through his puppets who rule the world, wants to inoculate you with his venom. He will push his hatred against you to the point of compulsory imposition that will take no account of your freedom. Once again, many of My children who cannot defend themselves will be the martyrs of silence, as was the case for the Holy Innocents. This is what Satan and his henchmen have always done....” (End of quote.)

If not the vaccines, what is the recourse? Despite attempts to censor much of the internet, there is yet some room for experts speaking out the truth and offering inexpensive options. And even Heaven is not short of offering herbal options, as this column had already dwelt on.


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