IF YOU are on the lookout for a book regarding Pampanga, you should read “Trending” – a book published by Max Lumanlan Sangil, this year 2021.

Max has done a service to Angeles City and Pampanga by putting into print several eras that the millennials may not know about.

Sangil gives us a refresher course on important personalities that Pampanga produced such as:

Luis Taruc’s name is synonymous to Huk (Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon). The Huk was founded in 1942 and “Central Luzon became Huk territory” as the Municipal governments were initially in their hands. Ka Luis was elected as Congressman but was unseated.

Faustino del Mundo alias Kumander Sumulong in the late sixties, “an invisible government was found in Angeles City and Kumander Sumulong’s influence was strongly felt.”

The Pampango Newspapers are immortalized – Tom San Pedro’s Luzon Courier; Armado Baluyut’s The Voice; Lino Sanchez Pampanga Tribune and the Pampanga Examiner founded by Max himself.

Ramiro G. Mercado, a gem of a journalist-writer is featured in this book. He wrote an inspiring introduction to the book. He narrated how a virtual unknown Tony Abad Santos became the City Mayor in 1988. Ram was excellent in his essay, The Simple Pleasures of Life in Angeles City (Page 51).

The anecdote about Tony White, Tony Black and Tony Sigua is entertaining.

The Nepomuceno Spouses Francisco and Juanita – from the courtship to their elevation to Pampanga politics is extolled.

The Lazatins-Rafael and his son – Carmelo (Tarzan) are primarily mentioned. The return to power thru Carmelo, Jr (Pogi), now Mayor and Jonjon is a testament to Lazatin’s legacy.

Edgardo Pamintuan – On May 11, 1992, Ed was elected as the City Mayor of Angeles City. Ed became the President of the National City Mayor’s League. He left his indelible mark in Angeles governance.

The book takes us back to when we were represented by the best and brightest congressmen – Amado Yuzon, a poet laureate and English professor at Far Eastern University. He delivered a privileged speech that fellow congressman and the people in the gallery were silenced in admiration. Diosdado Macapagal was a top-notch lawyer. He was a zarzuelista. “Whenever he spoke, the answer is silence of a big crowd and a thunderous applause at the end of the campaign speech.”

Rogelio dela Rosa and Lito Lapid – Do you know that the original king of Philippine Movies is Rogelio dela Rosa of Lubao. He became a Senator and our Ambassador to Cambodia and the Hague, Switzerland during the time of President Diosdado Macapagal. Lito Lapid, the action star who became a Governor and Senator, merits some mention as the author’s cabalen from Porac.

Estelito P. Mendoza and Bren Z. Guiao – “The town of Bacolor is proud of her son" – Atty. Estelito P. Mendoza, a lawyer par excellence. Bren Z. Guiao, the man who rose from poverty coming from a poor family in Magalang, Pampanga. He succeeded Mendoza in the Capitol after the 1986 Edsa Revolution.

The book is a halo-halo, but it is both sweet and refreshing. The pictures contained in the book are priceless.

You cannot find a picture of a young President Ramon Magsaysay in any other book. Representative Michael Romero of Northport and businessman Dennis Uy of Converge represent the future of the Pampangos. They have pictures in “Trending.”

The book provides a recollection of the past, a reflection of the present and glimpse into the future of the Province.

Max has immortalized his name and that of his subjects via his magnum opus. It is available in your favorite bookstore or through the author himself. Get a copy.