IN A previous post, I cited the sad cases of sports heroes of yesteryears, who earned huge fortunes but eventually ended up poor because they failed to manage their resources well. A prime example was the late great Joe Louis who had to fight past retirement age just to cover his tax liabilities. Undefeated Rocky Marciano did not end up exactly penniless, but when he died suddenly in a plane crash, his heirs did not know where his money was. Rocky Marciano had the habit of stashing his money in tin cans, in mattresses, or wherever he thought his money was safe.

I ended the post with a suggestion to celebrities (eg. Hidylyn Diaz), who are currently raking it in, to possibly start thinking of getting the services of a very reliable fund manager. I can give them a referral, I said.

I actually had in mind BPI Asset Management and Trust Company (BPI AMTC), a name I am very familiar with. BPI ATMC is the wealth management arm of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

BPI AMTC is currently the leader in innovation and exemplary fund management in the country.

The proof? BPI AMTC was hailed as Best Asset Manager in the Philippines by the International Finance Awards and Best Overall Asset and Fund Manager in the Philippines by Alpha Southeast Asia. It also received the Highly Commended Asset Manager of the Year Award by The Asset Triple A Sustainable Investing Awards for Institutional Investor, ETF, and Asset Servicing Providers 2021.

"Last year, we have proven the old adage to be true: In difficult times you turn to the ones you trust the most. These recognitions are a testament to that. Our consistent drive for excellence in fund management, one that is driven by our desire to achieve the best results for our clients, has translated to the trust that our clients have bestowed upon us. These awards remind us to always go back to our core mission of creating a better, safer investment universe through fidelity, high quality of service and reliable fund and portfolio performance," said Sheila Marie U. Tan, president of BPI AMTC.

Alpha Southeast Asia lauded BPI AMTC for its wide array of products and services, state-of-the-art investment technology, full-service online investment facility and innovative investor education programs. The award is a testament of BPI AMTC's great flexibility in adapting to real-time changes and in providing innovative solutions based on their clients' needs.

Aside from receiving the award for Best Overall Asset and Fund Manager, BPI AMTC also took home the Best Asset Manager Award for Fixed Income and Equities, and the Best Fund Manager Award for Pension Mandates and Private Retirement Schemes.

Likewise, the International Finance Awards assess fund management companies based on their performance in terms of net profit, the assets raised, new funds launched, investor benefits, fund impact, profitability, and quality of market research. The award-giving body's jury noted BPI AMTC's remarkable performance in 2020, capturing 18 percent of the market share and with a total of P854 billion in assets under management.

Meanwhile, The Asset's annual Triple A recognition embodies the industry's most prestigious awards for banking, finance, treasury and the capital markets; and has the widest reach among Asian issuers and global institutional investors.

The best of BPI Invest

As the largest trust company in the Philippines, BPI AMTC is home to the widest range of unit investment trust funds (UITFs) collectively known as BPI Invest. BPI Invest caters to a wide range of clients' risk appetite, investment horizon and investment objectives. These funds are diversified across the most promising and innovative sectors in the investment space today, offering a customized investment solution that addresses the financial needs of clients as they hit every major milestone in their life.

BPI AMTC remains at the forefront of financial inclusion in the country by making sure that there is a suitable BPI Invest Fund that addresses the needs of their clients, wherever they are in their investment journey.

In September, its pioneer global equity fund, the BPI Invest Global Equity Fund-of-Funds was again awarded Best Managed Fund in the Dollar Equity category by the prestigious CFA Society Philippines 2021 Best Managed Funds of the Year.

The search recognizes the outstanding fund management practices of fund houses and institutions that deliver the best returns, and have exemplified the global standards in the finance and investment industry.

This year, 71 funds from 14 investment houses and trust institutions went head-to-head and the BPI Invest Global Equity Fund-of-Funds emerged on top against competing funds in the Dollar Equity Category. This is the fund's 5th consecutive win since 2017.

Furthermore, its long term dollar bond fund, Odyssey Philippine Dollar Bond Fund was recognized as Best Managed Fund in the Long-Term Dollar Bond category.

"Amidst all the uncertainties and volatilities of the market, BPI AMTC remains committed to carefully balancing value creation with risk mitigation for our clients. It is not the markets that shape our existence, but the trust bestowed upon us by our clients - that we are set up not just to survive but to beat the odds," says Ms. Tan.

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