THE early bird catches the worm" seems to be the motto of couple Arayat Mayor Emmanuel "Bon" and Madeth "Madir" Alejandrino, as they filed their certificates of candidacy at exactly 8 a.m. on the first day of filing Friday, October 1, 2021.

The three-termer Mayor Bon is seeking the vice-mayoralty post while his wife Madeth will try to continue the Alejandrino brand of governance as the next local chief executive.

Madeth, who may become the first lady mayor in this town, said she is offering a more inclusive and warmhearted kind of governance.

"Ang mga nanay alam natin mas maalaga, mas malingap sa pamilya at kung ako po ay mapagbibigyan, gusto ko pong lingapin bilang ina ng bayan ang aming mas malaking pamilya, ang aking mga kabalen dito sa bayan ng Arayat," she said.

Among the platforms of Madeth include improvement of the education sector which, she said, would benefit not only youth but also parents; the maintenance of peace and order; more livelihood projects for women and displaced workers; and boosting of the healthcare system in town.

Bon, for his part, said he wanted to strengthen the programs he initiated as mayor through legislative works.

"Ang peace and order ang isa pa rin sa prayoridad natin sakaling maupo tayo bilang vice mayor dahil naniniwala ako na ang peace and order ang isa sa susi para sa ikauunlad ng ating bayan," he said.

The couple, along with their slate, will be running under the local party Kapanalig at Kambilan Ning Memalen Pampanga or Kambilan.