CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Bahay Pag-ibig Home for the Aged said the donations they received from the member-agencies of the Regional Coordinating and Monitoring Board (RCMB) for Senior Citizens are proof that the government cares.

This was after the RCMB conducted a gift-giving activity dubbed as #ProjectHatidMalasakit, an annual outreach program advocating for the delivery of necessary interventions to ensure the welfare of the elderlies, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bahay Pag-ibig Social Worker Marion Macatantan emphasized that the goods they received will provide for the current needs of the 47 senior citizens housed in the facility.

“What we could say is that all of these agencies have provided the needs of our lolo and lola... Indeed, the government answers the call of the people that is why it is called a government of the people, for the people,” she said.

The donation drive is also in line with the celebration of the Elderly Filipino Week observed from October 1-7 in the hope of soliciting more donations for the elderly beneficiaries who are one of the most vulnerable sectors of society.

RCMB member-agencies that participated in the event include Philippine Information Agency Central Luzon that handed out food and non-food items, including alcohol, bleach solution, face masks, bath soap, toothpaste, canned juice, canned sardines, assorted biscuits and fresh milk.

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation gave sacks of rice, alcohol, handwashing soap, bleach, disinfectant spray coffee, foldable fans and assorted medicines and multivitamins.

The Commission on Population and Development donated shampoo, disinfectants, dishwashing soap, body soap, detergent, alcohol, canned goods, milk, coffee, chocolate drink, assorted biscuits and condiments.

Aside from these, the Department of Agriculture provided t-shirts, newsletters, assorted fruits and vegetable seedlings and mushroom fruiting.

“The senior citizens are very happy to see the items you have given us. These will help us a lot in Bahay Pag-ibig at this time of a pandemic because goods are really costly. We will plant the seedlings you have provided for our consumption,” Macatantan said.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health brought assorted medicines, canes and wheelchairs, while the Department of Education offered sacks of rice, soap bars, assorted food items, diapers and toothpaste.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority attended the activity granting assorted food items such as biscuits, milk, coffee, chocolate drink, canned goods, sugar and noodles. (PIA Central Luzon)