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Cervantes: Blessed Mother warns on 'experiments on human beings'

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STATISTICS worldwide shows that the Covid 19 vaccines have been effective in curbing the pandemic, especially the original strain for which the vaccines were designed. Even as the experts went into a frenzy when the Delta variant later surfaced, they sighed in relief after observing that the vaccines at least minimized serious cases that often led to deaths.

In a significant majority of cases, the vaccines, particularly the mRNA ones, are okay. So far. But that they remain not only effective but also safe in the near and far future is something we should pray for in the light of some prophecies that seem to hint at something else.

For example, there is this message from the Blessed Mother to mystic Eduardo Ferreira on October 12, 2021 in Sao José dos Pinhais, Brazil:

“My children, peace. On this day of prayer, I, your Mother, the Immaculate Conception, Queen of Peace, invite you once again to pray for peace. My children, on this day I warn you that experiments on human beings will have very sad consequences for all humanity. The sign is visible, but many do not want to see it. Beloved children of this nation, many laws of this country will change. Be prepared spiritually and mentally. Do not forget — the family is the center of everything. You need to know how to pray in order to face all the storms to come. Do not be afraid: give good testimony as true Christians. I have been coming to Brazil to prepare you.

“Little children, nature is showing human beings how small they are and how much they need it [nature], and that you need to live in harmony with nature. What I am telling you is urgent: pray the Rosary every day, wear with devotion the medal that I made known to Catherine Labouré. Carry with you brown or green scapulars. This is a time of grace and mercy that God is giving to each one. Accept with love all that God has given you. With love I bless you.” (End of quote.)

That third sentence on “experiments on human beings” caught my attention because of the experimental nature of the mRNA vaccines. But then, the phrase could refer to other such events that we know are being done by scientists, such as cloning and the like.

Now to continue with the document prepared by Milieu/IOM Ltd at the request of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament on the use of microchips for implantation in humans.

Please recall that in my column last February, I shared with readers some explicit messages from both Our Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother warning against the microchip. To recall:

As early as November 23, 2015, this message from Our Lord Jesus Christ: "So with faith in My Word, do not allow yourselves, my faithful, to be introduced to the microchip that will spread through the various countries with urgency. Remember that My manna will descend from My House, because I am faithful to My people, if My people are faithful to Me."

From our Blessed Mother on January 31, 2014: "Darkness advances on Earth mercilessly and this darkness will continue to disturb the minds of men in such a way that man will stop thinking. He will be commanded simply by a microchip that will transform him into an inanimate being, and like a puppet, he will be used by the great and powerful."

Also from the Blessed Mother on July 7, 2017: "The people of my Son remain inert, refusing to recognize the times in which they live, and the enemy of the soul, with his trickery, is taking over humanity every moment. Technological inventions are praised by the vast majority of humanity without due knowledge. This brings man closer to acquiescing without regard to what the technological novelty is. Thus humanity will welcome the use of the microchip with great confidence, this ingenious and miniscule device being the greatest controller that has ever existed.

"Through the microchip, man's own thoughts will be abolished, and the freedom that my Son has given to man will be definitively seized. The microchip is a significant sign before the public appearance of the antichrist.

"Parents: You are dominated by the technology of the demon. Each novelty that you place in the hands of your children is a planned tactic so that your children implement the microchip and become part of the worshippers of the antichrist. Your children will become blank creatures, products of technology created to dominate man." (End of quote.)

Now to continue from my last column with excerpts from the document prepared for the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament.

Explaining the “basic form” and function of the implantable RFID chips, the document said:

“The particular type of chip in question is known as a passive RFID (read only) as opposed to more sophisticated ‘active’ devices which can have additional data added to them in-situ or can transmit a tracking signal (Sade, 2007). As noted earlier, this paper refers primarily to the passive versions as these are the type used in existing workplace applications.

“However, the use of active RFID chips is briefly considered where appropriate....the first patent for using human-implanted RFID chips was not granted until July 1997 as ‘an apparatus for tracking and recovering humans’1. A ‘syringe-implantable’ device for animal use had been patented a few years earlier in 1932.

“The patented device was intended to be used as a safeguard against kidnapping and to facilitate prompt medical emergency procedure in the case of acute illness, for example a heart attack. In 2004, a human-implantable microchip, called VeriChip®, received FDA approval as a medical device.

“As well as their use for animal-human tagging, RFID chips are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from passport control to toxic and medical waste management

“The chip consists of three parts: an integrated circuit, a means of acquiring power from the reader, and an antenna for receiving signals from and transmitting signals to a reader.

“For human (and animal) use, these must be encapsulated within a biocompatible material (usually a form of glass). Non-implantable devices used for commercial applications or animal applications may be encapsulated in polymers that are unsuitable for human implantation.

“The chip material in contact with human tissue must not harm, inflame or change the composition of that tissue... Glasses and ceramics can withstand long periods of resistance to gas or fluid ingress (defined as permeability) ranging from months, or tens of years, depending on the material thickness.

“.... So far around 3,000 people in Sweden have a microchip....there are now around 10,000 ‘cyborgs’ — or humans with digital chips in them — across the globe and that around 2,000 people have already been injected with RFID implants for humans”


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