Being rent manager is another flourishing career one could enjoy in real estate.

According to Filipino Homes founder Anthony Gerard Leuterio, there is now a growing interest among Filipinos to become professional rent managers besides becoming professional real estate agents.

This increased interest is due to the rising rental demand in real estate such as residential, office, retail and warehouses despite the economic pains brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Leuterio said Filipino Homes’, a website that covers rental listings across the country from rooms to land properties, saw an increase in rental activities by 40 to 50 percent since January this year. He said the increase can be attributed to low rental rates and the hybrid work arrangement now adopted by companies.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are renting smaller warehouses in strategic locations to still continue doing business even during community quarantines.

At present, Filipino Homes has already produced 1,500 rent managers nationwide.

Lucrative career

Rent Manager is an exclusive program under Filipino Homes’ that aims to produce professional rent managers. It is duly registered as trade with the Intellectual Property Office.

According to Leuterio, this is another lucrative career in the property sector because of the promising rental demand in this new business environment.

“This year is a different year, it is really the survival of the fittest especially in the realty sector. Our goal in Filipino Homes is to equip all our agents for the unprecedented times,” Leuterio said.

Leuterio said many Filipinos are looking at renting because there are many affordable options and at the same time more units are now modern, complete with quality living and relaxing features.

“By 2022, we are looking at around 1.3 million units for rent,” said Leuterio. “So we need at least 30,000 rent managers in the country.”


Aspiring rent managers must undergo the rent manager training courses provided by and must pass the assessment provided also by the company.

The training course will specifically delve into property management and the various aspects of running a rental property. It teaches students to oversee real estate properties on behalf of owners with the primary goal to maintain the property’s value and make sure it generates income.

The course will also touch on other important aspects such as in-depth familiarity of the rental law in the Philippines and other local policies that govern the rental industry, including the rights of tenants and landlords.

Experts tapped for the trainings will also share best practices and better strategies of doing business and winning big in today’s gig economy.

Leuterio assured that will handhold rent managers every step of the way.

He said Filipino Homes has already created an automated system that will make the tasks of rent managers easier so they could better focus on maintaining healthy relationship with their clients.

He added that having rent managers to manage properties is beneficial as it will assure landlords that their properties are well taken cared of.

“There are a lot of scams today. We want to assure the landlords that their properties aren’t used in illegal operations, for example,” he said. (KOC)