A LOT were saying that the number of cases of the coronaVirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in the country has dwindled. This may be true perhaps due to the number of vaccinated persons with their count growing each day. This may prove that vaccination is the ultimate remedy against the pandemic although there may be some who do not believe in vaccines until now.

So, the number of cases is falling as we shift our attention now from the pandemic to the upcoming election next year. It is often said that such political exercise is one of the seasons in the country, adding to the dry and the wet season. Elections in the country are very pompous, festive, opulent and of course expensive. This is the reason why it is considered a season.

It is undeniably that many Filipinos have shifted their attention to political personalities who are making themselves very visible now and popular. They have been awakened now by the season so the public may memorize their names and faces. It is their objective that come election time, their names be recalled by the memories of electorates.

On social media, news and information on the pandemic are somehow set aside as they were replaced by photos of political aspirants for both local and national elections. Politicians are now the new front liners literally. They are visible and active in almost any activity.

With the shift in our attention from the pandemic to politics, we may tend to forget that the virus is still here and that proper and strict safety protocols are still needed to be observed. Quarantine measures may have been made lax while there are still individuals dying from complications.

Last year, our attention was focused on the number of cases from one person infected to tens of thousands. The virus spread like wildfire as they said. It’s the person that we had experienced such a pandemic. This year prior to the start of the election season, we have forgotten the number of cases and shifted to the number of mortalities.

Previously, we were counting the number of infected persons, today we are counting those dying maybe due to the new variants which are considered more deadly and more fatal to those who get infected.

Despite the entertainment brought about by the election season, we should not forget the virus that is still extant despite the availability of different brands of vaccines. We should still observe proper health and safety protocols in short.

We should likewise stick to our minds that those vaccinated are the senior citizens and those above the legal age. This means that there are still the children who are the most susceptible to infection as they are yet to be vaccinated hopefully soon. Our attention may be distorted by the season but we have to seriously remember that the pandemic is still prevailing.


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