One day in the 1970s, an Italian sauce brand, Prego, asked market researcher Howard Moskowits to find the perfect pasta sauce. Howard thought they were looking for the impossible as to him, “there is no perfect product, but there are perfect products.”

To prove his point, he made 45 different pasta sauces each completely different from one another and had people try it in major cities in America. This study led Howard to a conclusion that there were three types of people in America, people who want spicy, sweet and chunky sauce. This was huge at the time as there were no chunky pasta sauces then. So, Prego developed it and it immediately became a success. However, a question remained: How come there were no chunky sauces before that? Howard believed that there was no product that would be preferred by all, but a product preferred by a group of people.

He knew that there will be people who prefer a pasta sauce that was different to what was already available, but why haven’t companies made different pasta sauces when one-third of Americans would want it? Simply because companies did not risk making pasta sauces in the way that they were not used to, and the people can’t desire for something they have never been exposed to.

This situation sheds light to an important and general truth that people may have not realized: People will not want what they have not experienced.

This brings to mind the importances of taking risks in life. In life, one of the most important things you must do to succeed is to exert your Man Luck. As your Heaven Luck dictates who you are, it is your Man Luck that dictates who you want to be in society and how you want to be perceived by others.

To highlight the importance of Man Luck, the Bazi details of one of my clients showed my clients’ potential to be a chief executive officer of a major company. He had all the potential to be the smartest in the room and to succeed immensely in life. However, he was only a construction worker. Potential to be great is in all of us if we have the knowledge of that potential and the Man Luck and Earth Luck to maximize it. As someone who jumped from being an event manager to being a Feng Shui master, I am certainly aware of the risk making big jumps entails. There is an innate fear in risking it all for what you believe in, but what lies ahead of that chasm is an opportunity to make life more meaningful and worth living.