IT IS undeniable that, at times, we experience instability and chaos in our workplace. Sometimes those we have trusted are those we will hate much in the end. And sometimes, we come across workmates like a chameleon – the master of disguise.

Human chameleons are understood as those who change their beliefs, opinion, and disposition to please or impress other people or achieve success. Its psychological roots may include the need to be affiliated and feel accepted.

Hence, people perceive them as non-authentic and harmful because they are ready to sacrifice friendships and relationships in their desire for success. So, how do we identify them in the workplace?

Changing their views or opinions for self-interest. We can find this in those co-workers who share the same belief from the very start and abruptly change their disposition for it will benefit them more. Even untying friendship knots for personal gain. A position may have been offered that they have been waiting for many years, and a change of heart will be the ultimate chamber to achieve it.

Adjusting their colors to create rapport. These co-workers would say they do not like a co-worker because of their inefficiency. Still, they would appreciate that person to the highest level when others cannot hear. They are the best actors and actress awardees who try to make people they dislike think they are friendly with them. Their highest intention is to please both the pros and the cons in the workplace, having two faces- the fake co-worker!

One of their best abilities is also being marvelous liars. They may act like the innocent when in truth, they are killers inside. They may act like the concerned citizens, but they ignite a war. Lying becomes a part of their co-workers' interaction. They ignore or may keep evidence to hide the truth, leading to chaos.

It is so sad that there are human chameleons in our workplace. Some would say that being a chameleon is not negative at all. The person would want to establish a connection to all or just would like to empathize with others. And that opinions or dispositions may change over time, as such a person who may stand for one principle may at the end find it unjustifiable, leading to change of mind.

Anyone can change, whether to an attitude, practice, thoughts, perceptions, etc. Even couples might fall out of love or change their hearts without reason. So, anything can change without our control. But I am saddened that we are changing decisions just to gain personal benefit, even neglecting friends. Or to please everyone at all costs, even if having two faces. And for being deceitful, even twisting others' lives.