An all Filipino-made tele-consult website that connects doctors and patients? This is indeed a breakthrough! Read some more.

Qure is here. A tele-consultation and wellness website that promises to make medical consultations easy and convenient for hundreds of Filipinos. The website, provides a platform for online video consultation between doctors and patients for fast scheduling of appointments.

It also provides a directory of pharmacies and other health and wellness centers.

“We created this platform with the Filipino patient in mind,” said Gary Libby, Qure chief technology officer.

He continues: “Even those not comfortable with technology wIll find these consultations convenient, as it’s a simple website and does not complicate the tele-consultation process. This is our new normal and Qure will help you navigate the future of healthcare.”

This is also available for doctors who want to expand their services via tele-consult amid increasing demand for virtual consultation. Reminder: A trip to the hospital may be a hassle these days as the Covid-19 virus still persists. Qure will help Filipinos avoid this health dilemna while keeping their wellness in check.

Doctors and patients can now enjoy the convenience of no overbooking for doctors and no more patients waiting in long lines at clinics. The scheduling system of Qure relieves both groups, whether tele-consult or face-to-face.

Andrea Trinidad, chief executive officer of Qure, who suffers from a life-long disorder called Hemophilia, and heads Hemophilia Advocates-Philippines, said: “The tele-consult idea platform started last year when the lockdowns extended and patients found it difficult to see their doctors. When friends shared with me the concept of a telemedicine platform, the timing was perfect as we envision Qure to be an e-mail of health services where you can book consults, purchase medicines, make laboratory appointments, and even avail of veterinary services for your fur babies.”

More info on Qure:

1. The platform is data-safe both for doctors and patients. Registering is free for patients and doctors. Consultation fees range from P500 to P1,500 depending on doctor’s specialization. But for its introductory price, Qure is giving a 50 percent discount for consultations.

2. Registered users can look for doctors for their tele-consult. Specialists have expertise on cardiology, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, integrative general medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, otolaryngology, ENT specialist, head and neck surgery, psychiatry, physical medicine/rehab, pediatrics, allergy and asthma, immunologist, urology, sleep medicine/insomnia, ophthalmology, family and occupational medicine, pediatrics-pulmonology, family medicine, lifestyle medicine, orthopedic surgery and hematology/oncology. Also in Qure’s pool of experts: nutritionist, dietitian, general dentistry/orthodontics, dentistry/prosthetic and esthetic.

3. The website lets you know who is online. Is the doctor in? No need to guess or call the doctor’s secretary. Through the Qure website, you can easily see if the doctor is available for consultation.

4. Find doctors in your area or tele-consult with a specialist anywhere in the Philippines. Qure has a growing number of specialists all over the country, and the list stretches in the coming weeks.

For more information about Qure, please contact them at

A breakthrough? Yes!