ONE Joshua Pablo Jensen, 24, of Bacoor, Cavite City, wants TV actor and politician Richard Yap to recognize him as his son. Last Thursday, October 28, Genson filed with the Cebu Regional Trial Court a case for compulsory recognition against Yap, who's running for congressman in the city's north district.

Why Cebu City? Yap asked that, after denying he has any unrecognized child, legitimate or otherwise. He does have, Yap said in a news story, a wife and two children living here. Yap himself, having filed a certificate of candidacy in the city, is presumably a local resident. As to the "son" suing him, Yap noted that the claimant is not from this city because he does not speak "Binisaya." Suspecting machination by his rivals, Yap assailed the choice of place of filing and wondered who are behind Jensen's "politically motivated stunt."

POLITICAL MOTIVE. It is most likely politically motivated. That cannot be ruled out in any political season. Each candidate wouldn't pass a chance to benefit from a rival's scandal or some other misfortune. But if the issue is worth looking into, the furor and inquiry could benefit the voting public.

Jensen admitted in his post that in 2019, he asked the help of a congressman (whom he didn't identify) in order to come to Cebu, but only for that and nothing more. As to City Councilor Niña Mabatid, who beat Yap to the Partido Barug's congressional slot in the north district, Jensen said she gave him advice, which was to talk with Yap, but Niña declined to help him, saying she and Yap were party-mates.

A lawyer explained to him that he couldn't file his complaint here because he was not a resident of the city. Thus he decided to stay in Cebu ("nakatira lang ako kung kani-kanino at nakikikain lang") and waited for one year but once he established his residence in 2020, the pandemic came. Thus, the delay of his filing, which coincides with the new election season.

Councilor Mabatid told Bzzzzz Friday, October 29, that any political motive does not and cannot change the importance of the issue to be resolved.

And that must be whether the candidate has the moral character required to occupy a congressional seat, assuming that siring a child outside marriage can still taint a person's fitness for public office. If womanizing, or behaving like a slut, doesn't matter anymore to voters, producing bastard kids might no longer influence election results too.

MABATID'S, JENSEN'S DARE. When Joshua Genzon filed the paternity case Thursday, Councilor Mabatid, Barug's official candidate for same seat that Yap seeks as an independent, asked that Yap "spare" her from the controversy but lashes with the accusation, "He knows he has a son and we have talked about it in one of the party meetings when he was still part of Barug-PDP Laban...It is already of public knowledge."

In an "official" statement, Mabatid suggested that Yap "settle it with his son and if he has doubts, then go for DNA testing." "No politics please because this is a family affair." She said she "may even step down" (as councilor or as Barug candidate for congresswoman, she didn't specify) if the DNA test "will show that Richard is telling the truth that Joshua is NOT (capitalized by Mabatid) his son."

Jensen alleged that Richard Yap accompanied his mom a number of times for ultrasound, an imaging test that can examine a fetus in pregnant women. "He knows where our house is, he met with my family, my grandmother." Jensen said he'd drop his claim and "move on," saying he filed the case just "so we can both have the DNA test."


Mike's double celebration

It was a double celebration for Acting Mayor Michael Rama last Thursday, October 28: his 67th birthday, which much of the Cebu City public knew, and his second marriage, which very few people knew.

At least two sources confirmed the marriage ceremony held Thursday, October 28, at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. A.M. Mike didn't answer a request for a statement to media.

Two weeks ago, at a City Hall press-con, when asked by a reporter if he could ask about a political development, Mike Rama said, "Anything, I never refuse any question, basta di lang personal."

Is his second marriage purely private business? It is an important milestone in his life, which to the electorate must be of more interest and concern than his having turned a year older on the day of Wedding Two. More or less the same interest of people if, say, President Rodrigo Duterte would marry again.


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