“Doing this was a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit and help inspire our team of creatives to get out of our artistic rut in this pandemic,” said Ia Coca, who spearheaded a fun Halloween-inspired photo shoot in collaboration with five other Cebuano designers.

In this eclectic editorial, they showcase their unique styles by interpreting some of the most recreated costumes for the trick-or-treating season this year.

Inspired by pop culture trends, from buzzed about TV shows to A-list celebrity moments, these talented designers create runway-worthy looks that are less spooky and more “fashion.”

Squid Game (Aza wears Ia Coca)

“This is my interpretation of the show’s iconic green tracksuit as formal wear, taking the elements of what makes the look recognizable like the number tag, white stripes, and relaxed fit; and turning it into a chic and sleek ensemble.” - Ia Coca

Cruella (Aza wears Eva Aguspina)

“I chose Cruella (2021) because I loved the styling in the film. I loved 101 Dalmatians as a kid, so seeing her side of the story was great. My take on this is reflective of my personal style which is goth + street. It’s something I would totally wear when I travel again.” - Eva Aguspina

Trese (Dixie wears Arlene Pace)

“I chose Trese as my inspiration because it exhibited different Filipino mythical creatures and cultural practices to the global audience. For this design, I combined modern and Filipino elements to create a coat that is uniquely Filipino, complete with the traditional Filipiniana sleeve.” - Arlene Pace

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala (Chennie wears Jonathan Limotan)

“Kim K at this year’s Met Gala was such a moment in this year’s fashion. I loved that she went for a rather simple all-black ensemble instead of a more sexy glam look. For this look, I played around with unconventional material to give it a bit of an avant-garde effect.” - Jonathan Limotan

WandaVision (Chennie wears Sheena Si)

“I chose WandaVision because I remember it opened 2021 for me. I picked this particular look because it references a costume iconic to Scarlet Witch. I wanted to interpret it in a fun and modern way—high fashion meets street style—while still being able to see where the inspiration came from.” - Sheena Si