In this “do it for the ‘gram” era, looking for a place to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee or tasty treats is more than just spotting a café that offers the best-tasting cup of Joe. People nowadays, consider interior design, the WiFi connection, the vibe and the location. Good thing—this newly opened café in the city of Talisay, has every item on the list.

Anselmo’s Bread and Café, a collaboration between siblings which started off as a home-based business during the enhanced community quarantine in 2020.

Named after their late father who was a baker and owned a small bakery back then, Anselmo’s Bread and Café specializes in ooey-gooey, not-too-sweet, but very lush and moist cinnamon rolls with assorted frostings (dark chocolate, cream cheese and salted caramel); babka, a sweet braided bread oozing with dark chocolate and chocolate chips, and brazo de Mercedes cake which are perfect to pair with a cup of good tasting coffee.

“We hope to be your go-to neighborhood cafe for family and friends, where you drop by to get your coffee and pastries to take home to, or to give to your friends. We hope for Anselmo’s to be synonymous with love,” Therese Habana, the owner, said.

For its customers to revel in their orders more, the café offers a warm and cozy atmosphere with a minimalist interior. If you’re into interiors, you will appreciate how the limited space is maximized with features that will make you comfortable during your entire stay: Wash area, rest room, enough space between each table, extensive counter, strong WiFi connection, nice playlist, well-arranged products, and an outdoor dining area.

What makes it more inviting is that it has counters outside that serve as bike racks where bikers can either park their bikes or sit on their bikes while savoring their coffee and pastry. An answered prayer for bikers who are always on-the-go.

“The interior design reflects our minimalist aesthetics, creating a nook for work and study, a cozy corner for friends and families, and a fun area for kids and athletes, while maximizing the use of our limited space. Our children are triathletes and are homeschooled. We created the space with athletes, families, and students in mind,” Therese shared.

Anselmo’s Bread and Café is located on the ground floor of Paseo Ricardo Commercial Center along Rabaya Road, San Isidro in Talisay City. It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.