WE CANNOT afford to miss celebrating Halloween because the children expect the occasion to be celebrated annually.

The Calima and Seron families celebrated it with with friends and relatives.

But with coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, they cannot splurge for a grand celebration because they too avoid a crowd.

Former SunStar reporter Claudine Calima gathered her kids Charlie, Charisse, Chloe, Khalid, and Louie with the kids of her relative and friend Floreza Ledesma Soron to host a colorful but simple Halloween party celbration.

They wore their respective costumes to depict an aura of Halloween, but as Christians, they too lit a candle for their departed loved ones.

Claudine said they could not miss the celebration because this makes their kids happy, given the lull caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But of course, they did it safely as most adults are all vaccinated while kids have their flu shots and other medication necessary to keep them healthy amid the pandemic.

The kids were happy to show up their chosen costumes and characters.

All Saints’ and Souls’ Days are part of the Filipino tradition, as these are the time for them to remember their deceased loved ones.

Before going to the Halloween party, they already offered prayers and lit candles to their departed loved ones.

The younger Soron child also wore a costume. Children are happy when others are happy.

Their lives are just simple. Let them eat and play, and that makes their lives happy, Soron said.

As cemeteries are closed for the occasion, they preferred to hold it in a safe place for everyone.

They also prayed for the peaceful journey of their departed loved ones.

The kids are just happy, and that matters to us parents. They have been hindered at the confines of our homes because of the pandemic, and a simple celebration will help minimize the impact of the pandemic.

They are happy that even for ones this November, they could enjoy most safely, they said.