ALL ice creams may look drool-worthy and never fail to put a smile on our face, but the similarities end there. They vary so much in flavor and texture. What we want is one that’s creamy and thick yet so soft and somehow feels light and literally melts in your mouth—none of those noticeable ice crystals and sandy texture.

A fairly recent addition to Cebu’s handcrafted, small-batch premium ice cream makers, Cloud 9 Creamery churns some of the city’s best heat-beating scoops, putting so much love in every pint. Its signature flavors are the stuff of legend, but that has not deterred new and repeat customers from trying any of the classic ones.

Despite a rotating selection of seasonal flavors, people still want a taste of the classics. So to give you an even harder time deciding among the flavors on offer, here is a list of Cloud 9 Creamery’s best-selling classic, fruity and signature flavors:

Dark Belgian

If you want your ice cream rich, dark, creamy and made with premium Belgian chocolate, pick this.

Coffee Chip Almond

A crowd favorite, this has espresso ice cream for its base, mixed with chocolate chips and roasted almonds. If the flavor won’t perk you up, the crunch will.

Lemon Yakult Sherbet

Not only is this a good palate cleanser, it’s also loaded with vitamin C and probiotics. Fresh lemons and Yakult are used as refreshing additions to Cloud 9’s signature ice cream base.

Peanut Cacao Cookie

Available for a limited time only, this peanut butter tablea ice cream is generously studded with chunks of chocolate chip cookies which are also made in-house.

Cookie Butter

For those who love cinnamon and cookies, this has a cookie butter base with chunks of cookie butter biscuits folded in.

Cereal Milk

If you can’t get enough of that last spoonful of milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl, this one’s for you. The cereal milk ice cream base combines beautifully with the sweet-salty crunch of cornflakes.

Berry Cheesecake

This cream cheese ice cream is delightfully sweet with a pleasant tang and has a housemade mixed berries compote and a crushed graham swirl.

Almond Pistachio

This almond ice cream with pistachio bits looks as simple as it sounds, but it all comes down to the flavor at first lick.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Whether you think mint chocolate chip is the superior ice cream flavor or think it tastes like frozen toothpaste, Cloud 9’s peppermint ice cream is not overwhelmingly minty. The Belgian chocolate chips are a great complement too.

Cloud 9 Creamery has a ton of other flavors and you can even ask for dog-safe ice cream or add large waffle cones to your order. Message its Facebook page (@cloudninecreameryph) or find the brand on your favorite food delivery app. S