DAVAO artists come together again to share their gifts in the second edition of the ArtFund/Philippine Eagle Foundation.

The upkeep of the Philippine Eagle Center, home to several eagles and other species, relies on gate admissions. The gate’s closure during ECQ periods and low visitor count in the course of the pandemic affected a vital source of funds heavily.

Assistance came. The first edition of ArtFund/PEF, Flowers for Feathers, was participated in by 11 Davao artists who donated paintings of Davao flowers. The art sale was able to raise a generous amount for its beneficiary, the Philippine Eagle Foundation. But with the pandemic’s end not yet in sight, help is still needed.

For the second edition, Fruits for Feathers: ArtFund/Philippine Eagle Foundation, artists present Davao fruits on the canvas. Donating their artworks for the cause are five generous visual artists: Lito Pepito, Rodney Yap, Anthony Serafin, Saldy Mascardo and Mary Anne Guinoo.

It will be a nostalgic trip to Davao’s past when households grew fruit trees in the yards. Did you grow kaymito or the mansanitas trees? Tambis or atis? Rambutan? The durian, mangosteen, marang, lanzones and saging complete the list of 10. Remember when you were the excited kid climbing up the branches to pick a ripe one from the bunch?

The artworks can bring back good memories. You can take it home with you or share it. Be one of the many who can enjoy the 10 artworks. How?

Imagine little canvases. The artworks are reprinted on gift cards/art cards. A set of these cards includes all 10 fruit prints, each with its own white envelope.

Included in the bundle will be a cover card, a note from the Philippine Eagle Foundation thanking each and every donor for their contribution on the preservation of the country’s National Bird and communities who help guard the forest.

For the packaging, T’nalak Home designs it: an envelope fashioned from handmade paper using banana fibers, and printed with T’boli-inspired weaving pattern called “ikat”.

It’s a Davao-packed pack: Davao artists, Davao fruits, Davao packaging, and will benefit a Davao icon and the National Bird—the Philippine Eagle.

As a bundle, it can make a perfect present. Individually, a gift cards adds a touch of Davao to your presents. A handwritten message would make it more special.

Feel good each time you send out a card. You did your part in saving a bird, the forests and the future of generations to come.

How to buy:

Fruits for Feathers limited edition gift/art cards are now pre-selling at Php 500 per set. To order, message Jinggoy Salvador on FB Messenger. For pick-up or delivery via rider to buyer’s account.

The second edition of ArtFund/Philippine Eagle Foundation would like to extend its gratitude to friends who made this project possible: artists Lito Pepito, Rodney Yap, Anthony Serafin, Saldy Mascardo and Mary Anne Guinoo; Cortess Printing Press; Maricris Brias-Floirendo, T’nalak Home; Joji Ilagan-Bian and Nicole B. Ledesma; Milvene Mineses, Simply Gray; and Kenneth Ong.


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