THE National Bureau of Investigation Central Visayas (NBI 7) arrested on Sunday morning, November 7, 2021, the seventh member of a family suspected to be involved in the killing of Romneck Potot, a 31-year-old resident of Barangay Manlagtang, Tabogon, northern Cebu.

NBI 7 Director Rennan Oliva confirmed to SunStar Cebu the arrest of Geraldine Deligero-Potot, the victim’s wife, who is facing parricide case.

The NBI 7 arrested first six family members identified as Fausto Gerry Deligero, Imelda Toling Deligero, Willin Pevida Sopsop, Zalde Pevida Sopsop, Jose Bandojo and Arlene Sopsop Flores on October 28, 2021. They are all said to be relatives of Geraldine.

The six suspects were detained at the Medellin Police Station. They are facing murder charges.

All the suspects’ criminal charges are non-bailable.

Potot was reported missing by Geraldine in July 2020.

According to Arnel Pura, team leader of the NBI 7 agents who caught Potot, they conducted a follow-up operation after they executed the warrant of arrest for the six members.

Geraldine reportedly went into hiding after being aware of her no-bail warrant of arrest.

“We did not stop. We sought relevant information with the purpose of establishing where she was living. Geraldine was planning to go to a particular place in the southern part of Cebu to hide,” Pura told SunStar Cebu.

Pura said they received information that Geraldine would be fetched by a friend, who would then bring her to her supposed hiding place.

Geraldine was caught on Sunday morning in front of the Queen City Memorial Park in Cebu City, while she was inside a private vehicle with her two-year-old son.

Pura said the investigation took them eight months to file the criminal complaints.

The NBI 7 agent said there was no let-up in their operations.

“It appears that Geraldine was the prime suspect being the wife of the victim. She had the motive to kill her husband,” he said.

In an earlier report, Agapito Gierran, the NBI agent assigned to the case, said he found it suspicious that Geraldine reported her husband missing three days after he had failed to return home despite saying that they were happily married.

Gierran said when her husband’s father asked where the victim was, that’s the time she started to panic.

The victim worked as a cook in Manila, but he returned home to Cebu with his wife.

This is after the establishment he worked for ceased to operate because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Potot was reported missing just a month after the couple arrived from Manila.

His remains were later found slumped in a grassy area near their house. This happened after the NBI 7 investigators found out that an argument had erupted between Potot and his wife’s family allegedly over a piece of land that the victim had bought for his own family.

Geraldine will be detained together with her other family members in the Medellin District Jail, while the NBI 7 will contact her other relatives to take care of her son.