Most of the time, we snack because we’re bored, stressed, celebrating something, or we just want something light to tide us over until the next meal. Whether it’s a hankering for sweets like chocolates, or something salty like potato chips, done solo or with a group, snacking has become habitual for us.

Here’s a list of what you can snack on next:

Viennes from Lavienne (@lavienneee)

These hand-held pies are made with puff pastry and stuffed with different savory fillings like tuna in a creamy mushroom sauce; beef in cheese sauce with chili pepper; beef in fresh tomato sauce and melted cheese; and all beef in cheese sauce. If you want sweet viennes more, try the Mango Tango ones.

Coffee and chocolate flan from Plantation Bay’s Bakeshop (@plantationbaybakeshop)

This nine-inch Parisian flan or French custard pie has a flaky croissant dough for its crust, and coffee custard for its filling. It is then topped off with a dark chocolate ganache and walnuts for more indulgence and crunch. This is available only in November.

K-Udon from Korean Wok (@Kwokcebu)

Who doesn’t love thick and chewy udon? Korean Wok tosses these noodles in its secret gochujang sauce, mixes in 12 different kinds of vegetables plus parsley, pickled radish, spring onions, egg, bulgogi pork and sesame seeds for an incredible flavor and texture party in your mouth.

Korean corn dogs from I CHA Bingsu Dessert Cafe (@ICHACebu)

Sweet and salty, these hot dogs are coated in a yeasted or rice flour batter, deep-fried then finished off with sugar and a squiggle of ketchup, mustard or both. The cubed up fries coating in one variant will leave you addicted, and the stretchy cheese pull in another variant will up your Instagram game.

Indian pizza from Indian Fusion Cebu (@indianfusioncebu)

This 11-inch, flavor-packed goodness makes it a whole lot easier to gorge on your favorite tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, curry, paneer masala and south Indian lamb from Indian Fusion Cebu. You can grab a slice and go, but we’re certain you’d stay for more.

Muffin croissants from Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino

These muffin croissants are a flaky, decadent delight that would give cronuts and croffles a run for their money. Waterfront Mactan’s version comes with matcha, coffee, Nutella or plain cream filling. You can also order an assorted box so you can have one of each flavor.