MAYORAL aspirant Vice Mayor Jimmy Lazatin lauded on Monday, November 8, the accomplishments of the City Government under the administration of Mayor Edwin Santiago as he vowed to continue and strengthen the outgoing local chief executive's programs.

On the sidelines of Santiago's Ulat Sa Bayan, Lazatin expressed satisfaction over the many programs implemented during the three terms of Santiago.

"Definitely, we are very satisfied. We've seen the accomplishments not only of Mayor EdSa but also of the city government through his leadership," he said.

As part of the City Government also, Lazatin witnessed and participated in crafting the programs initiated by Santiago aimed at developing San Fernando and its people.

Lazatin vowed to boost Santiago flagship projects, especially those promptly needed by Fernandinos.

"We will not only sustain, but we will raise the bar of good governance in our city so that Fernandinos can enjoy better programs from the city government," he said.

If elected, Lazatin said his first order of business is to implement programs that will help recover the economy of the capital city.

Once fully recovered, the aspiring mayor said his administration will work on making San Fernando an economic powerhouse.

"A strong economy will pave the way for strengthened programs on various sectors such as health, education, infrastructure and social upliftment," Lazatin said.