ENGINEER Gerard Paolo "GP" Equipaje, representing the Trail 6100 Enduroy, was named the overall champion at the Culture City's two-wheel exhibition held at SM City Bacolod last October 31, 2021, with his 2021 S-Works Epic Evo mountain bike entry.

The said bike, which is a gift by his wife Din, earned three championship awards such as Best of Show Overall; Best of Show – MTB; Best S-Works and first runner-up, Best MTB Full Suspension, and first runner-up, Best Modern.

His 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper Troy Lee Design Limited Edition likewise bagged three championship trophies for Best in Sports Function – Enduro; Best Specialized; Best Most Elegant Look; first runner-up Best of Show Overall and first runner-up, Best of Show – MTB; first runner up, Best Enduro and second runner up, Best Individual Display.

Equipaje said the winning entry - the 2021 S-Works Epic Evo - was a surprise gift to him by his wife Din in June of this year.

His wife bought it purposely to encourage him to pursue cycling fitness.

Equipaje's younger brother, seasoned biker DK Equipaje was the one who assisted Din in procuring the needed bike components for the build.

The bike surprise allowed Equipaje and his wife to engage in a different outdoor lifestyle and enjoyed an adventure with their friends on weekends.

Such adventure has strengthened their bond as a couple and also enhanced their camaraderie with their friends.

They said when the husband is happy and so is the wife where such joy resonates within the family and circle of friends.

Equipaje was not a fan of biking before until his wife introduced it to him as a gift.

Such a gift caused a ripple of surprises that aside from serving its purpose to GP's engaging in healthy outdoor fitness, it also earned numerous awards in a bike show.

The awards gave us the urge to sustain what we have commenced. The choice of a gift was truly worth it for both our health and our bond as a couple and with friends.

Equipaje was glad to receive such a gift from his wife because they had more time together by biking and it was truly fun when they go out with friends either for a regular ride or on an exciting trail ride.

Equipaje and his wife said they get thrills from exploring the trails of Negros during long rides with family and/or friends.

Equipaje added that he significantly loses weight and helps him to stay physically fit and mentally alert.

“I just want to thank my wife for always choosing the best gift for me as biking is truly beneficial to us,” Equipaje said.

He likewise thanked the organizer of the event, Ryan Anthony Saez of Headrush and Pewii Ybanez of the Kitchen, for the opportunity to join the bike show.