THERE is no factual proof that the head of the City Information Office of Davao was with the group before it was raided by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) for an estimated P1.5 million worth of drugs.

Except that Jefry Tupas himself admitted that he was the one in the photo and he was around for dinner as among the exclusively invited few.

From a reliable source, SPACE BAR got a copy of the invitation and it reads “November 6, 2021 | 7PM / You are cordially invited RAVE-SUN / REVSAN ELIZALDE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION / WITH GUEST DJ / BY INVITATION ONLY. / STRICTLY NO TAG ALONG. / SEA EAGLES BEACH RESORT, PINDASAN, MABINI, DAVAO DE ORO / WEAR YOUR BEST COACHELLA OUTFIT AND BRING SWIMMING CLOTHES! (Slash supplied to denote space).

The same source named the 17 yuppies who were at the venue during the raid. But I don’t want to name them not to protect their privacy but because the public has no interest in knowing them.

What was clear is that in a macro view William Turner in the 16th century said “birds of a feather flock together”. And in micro view, an old saying goes “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.” Both explained why the invitation was sent to few.

Anyway, if my memory serves me right, the nationwide Toktok-Hangyo (tokhang) was born in Davao a long time ago when now presidential wannabe Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa was the chief of Davao City Police.

My full belief and so with the others who are living outside Davao Region is that Davao was the pilot urban community of tokhang that later instigated nationwide starting dela Rosa's stint as PNP chief; in the belief that the pilot implementation was effective.

The series of drug raids in Davao Region are indications of ripening and oozing pus of drug menace, superficially healed by the tokhang. Because from the very beginning, it only targets slipper peddlers without a solid strategy to destroy the drug source.

Tokhang becomes a laughing matter. That in spite of the government’s long-existing war against drugs, many even in the government service are still under its control.