FROM November 15 to 30, Davao City will be placed under Alert Level 2. This further eases restrictions allowing more businesses to open and more people to go out.

The lower Alert Level shows that there has been a drop in active Covid-19 cases in the region. This also means that the Covid-19 situation is becoming more manageable.

Under this Alert Level those below 18 years old are allowed to go out for essential goods and services.

"Provided, that those below eighteen (18) years of age, and those belonging to the vulnerable population, shall be allowed access to obtain essential goods and services, or for work in permitted industries and offices in accordance with existing labor laws, rules, and regulations," Department of Health said in a press release.

Funfairs/peryas or kid amusement industries such as playgrounds, playroom, and kiddie rides are also permitted to operate under the Alert Level.

Over the weekend, several netizens posted on social media as to how more people were outside compared to the previous months.

While it is exciting to see kids going out more this time, it is also concerning.

Yes, the vaccination against Covid-19 for minors has started but it does not cover the whole age group. At present, only those ages 12 to 17 years old have been given the go signal to be vaccinated. In Davao City, a total of 1,489 first doses have already been administered for this age group.

Therefore, not all minors have the needed protection to go outside. Hence, it puts them at the risk of getting a Covid-19.

It is important for parents to understand that the pandemic has not yet ended.

If possible, parents limit where they take their children. Places that are prone to mass gatherings is definitely something parents must avoid.

Parents and guardians must also take an active role in teaching and disciplining their children minimum health standards — wear a face mask, observe social distancing, and regular washing and sanitizing of hands.

With the easing of restrictions, more people are coming out. This puts our children at risk of getting Covid-19. Hence, we must put extra effort in protecting them.