LONG before Obama coined the phrase “Yes, we can” for his presidential campaign, a local Kapampangan leader had already uttered the same using his own version during the eruption of Pinatubo. The iconic phrase “Agyu Tamu!” was popularized by Angeles City’s very own Atty. Edgardo Dizon Pamintuan, a former human rights lawyer who was also a member of the MABINI, a former vice mayor and 5-time city mayor, a former cabinet member of President Macapagal-Arroyo, and now the chairman of Clark Development Corporation. But unlike Barack’s somewhat blunt idiom, EdPam’s expression was more mellifluent because it is spoken in his breastfed language. It sounded more authentic, more personal.

After decades in public service, the top gun decided to hang up his gloves from the political arena even though it’s apparent that he’s still in his prime. And whilst his first lady ‘Tita Miniang’ welcomed the decision with open arms, thousands of his supporters dropped their shoulders after learning that their champion had called it a career.

The 2012 Top 8 World Mayor left a legacy that inspired heaps of aspiring leaders to emulate. While traditional politicians in our country continue to take advantage of the vulnerable individuals who are willing to sell their votes for a short-term benefit, there are still some hopefuls who run with nothing but good intention.

When the 3-termer councilor Amos Rivera felt that he could do more than what the current administration had done if any and declared his desire to run for mayor last June, the mayoral candidate decided to join ‘Yorme’ Isko Moreno’s Aksyon Demokratiko party. So when Chairman EdPam posted his final decision to not participate in the 2022 election on his FB wall just days before the start of COC filing, seasoned public servant Alex ‘Mr. In’ Indiongco, and EdPam’s eldest son and namesake, Edgardo ‘Edu’ Pamintuan, Jr. decided to continue the legacy of the former League of Cities of the Philippines president.

The two candidates of Partido Abe Kapampangan (PAK) are well-known for their own remarkable repertoire. Edu is notable for his advocacy for education. He is the main author of the ordinance establishing the City College of Angeles. And it is established that CCA has helped hundreds of less fortunate Angelenos get quality education. That’s why like the father, the young Pamintuan had been awarded as one of the most outstanding legislators in the Philippines in 2017. During the time of CCA president Richard Daenos, CCA became a prominent institution because of multiple awards and accolades. Edu also co-authored the ordinance establishing Kapampangan as an official language of Angeles City. Indeed, agyu tamu!

The other candidate in this dynamic duo has vast experience in legislative services. His name does not go out of trend for he is always “Mr. In.” Countless supporters have been anticipating former councilor Alex Indiongco’s comeback in the city council. He is known as a fighter for the rights and welfare of children, and he played a key role in creating the health code and disaster code of Angeles City. Indiongco has a nose for a clean bill and a sneaky bill that’s why it’s nearly impossible to fool him. He is not afraid to ask hard-hitting questions in the plenary and he knows how to get the into the bottom of a particular issue.

With Edu Pamintuan, Alex Indiongco, and Amos Rivera still very much active in public service, the ‘Agyu Tamu’ legacy lives on.


Kuya J Pelayo IV is a Kapampangan broadcast journalist. For comments and suggestions, e-mail at 4th.pelayo@gmail.com.