A COMPANY’S longevity is one of the measures of success, not just in business, but also in the community it operates in and the profession it represents. But longevity doesn’t happen by chance. It is the product of commitment, integrity and relevance of purpose, practiced consistently over the years. SGV Cebu’s 70th anniversary is a testament to the core values and strong foundations established by its founders and bolstered by generations of SGV professionals. This milestone celebration is a measure of the competence and professionalism of SGV Cebu’s people, who have thereby contributed to the growth of business in the Visayas region.

Established in 1951, just five years after the founding of SGV, the Cebu office started with just three employees working out of a single room. But despite its small size, the Cebu office team’s dedication to integrity, client service and trademark SGV professionalism soon established SGV Cebu as a trusted accounting firm, not just in Cebu, but also in the neighboring provinces and the broader Visayas region. SGV Cebu was also active in the growth of its surrounding communities—working with the local government, professional associations, chambers of business and community leaders. Today, SGV Cebu’s 200-strong team continues to build on the legacy of generations of SGV Cebu alumni, and looks forward to more and greater achievements.

SGV Cebu has been inspired by the vision of SGV’s founder Washington SyCip, and by his belief in the Filipino people’s ability to be world-class professionals. This trust and ideal were exemplified by the expansion of SGV’s Asia-Pacific Talent Hub (ATH) to Cebu in 2011. The ATH provides professional services to various clients from the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, allowing Filipino CPAs to demonstrate their competencies, gain international exposure and experience, all without having to leave the country.

Over the years, SGV Cebu has continued to grow from strength to strength, and today continues to stand proud in the Cebu and Visayas business community. SGV Cebu will soon move to its new home in the JEG Tower, helping it to better deliver its array of assurance, tax, consulting and strategy and transactions services to its local, regional and global clientele.

In celebration of SGV Cebu’s 70th anniversary, a special logo was designed to represent SGV Cebu’s focus on its people, clients, communities and on nation-building as a whole. The logo bears the colors of the Philippine flag to signify SGV Cebu’s Filipino identity, and to reflect the history, values and beliefs of the Cebu Office, as well as the shape of the Province of Cebu as a key design element.

SGV Cebu’s growth over the last seven decades is proof that building a legacy is possible, and that lasting achievements can come from the humblest of beginnings. SPONSORED CONTENT