It’s Bongbong but is it true?

PRESIDENT Duterte’s description of a presidential candidate who’s allegedly a cocaine user and a weak leader applied closest to Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. His camp, not Bongbong himself, has shrugged off the potshot against its candidate, saying “We don’t feel alluded to.”

Other candidates made express denials and assertions: Manny Pacquiao said he’d submit to a drug test and dared his rivals to do the same. Ping Lacson said he’s 1,000-percent sure the president was not referring to him. Leni Robredo said she’s sure “that’s not me” and she wouldn’t add anything to it. Isko Moreno still had to comment but the description wouldn’t fit him.

Many people are sure that Digong’s blind item referred to Bongbong Marcos but are not sure if that was true.


'Failure of a face'; 'dragon slayer'

A QUOTE attributed to Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro” Marcos III, eldest son of Bongbong, asked why his dad was not included in President Duterte’s drug matrix if it was true BBM was a drug addict. “You are too much, Mr. President... All I can say, your war on drugs was a failure like your face.” (Bongbong’s two other sons with Louise “Liza” Cacho are Joseph Simon and William Vincent.)

People are not sure if the quote is genuine, not being sourced to a media outlet. But it set off such questions as: When is one’s face considered “a failure”? The war on drugs can be measured in quantifiable terms but how does one rate a face?

Beauty or ugliness, we are told, is in the eye of the beholder.

Another interesting bit on language this weekend: Mayor Edgardo Labella is called “a dragon slayer.” What does it mean figuratively in these modern times?


Who’ll fill vacancy Dondon left?

WITH the ascension of Councilor Donald “Dondon” Hontiveros to permanent vice mayor, a vacancy occurs in the Cebu City Council. The 18-member Sanggunian is down to 17 (eight in each of two districts, plus one non-elected member each from Association of Barangay Councils and Sangguniang Kabataan, minus one).

The City Council can still operate with the loss of one member. The Local Government Code though in Section 45 does not exclude any permanent vacancy provided automatic succession does not apply. And there are still about seven months left before the term expires on June 30, 2022.

The President, through the executive secretary, shall appoint the replacement of Councilor Hontiveros. Hontiveros moved up to vice mayor when Vice Mayor Micchael Rama became mayor upon the death of Mayor Edgardo Labella.

Both took their oath of office Saturday, November 20.

Interesting info: had Hontiveros run as an independent in 2019, as he does in the 2022 election, it would be just the city mayor, in this case Mike Rama, who’d appoint Dondon’s replacement.

PAPERS REQUIRED. It is Hontiveros who caused the last vacancy in the City Council. As he was elected under PDP-Laban (Barug’s national party), Barug will name his replacement. Under Depertment of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Memorandum-Circular #151, the party nomination – with certification of the nominee’s party membership signed by the party’s highest official certification of the city’s Comelec registrar regarding Hontiveros’ political party, and Civil Service data sheet – shall be submitted to the DILG regional director, who’s required to transmit them with 48 hours from receipt to the DILG secretary who in turn shall transmit them, also within 48 hours, to the office of the president. The executive secretary is not given a deadline to act on the nomination but Barug, being allied with the administration party, can speed up the appointment.

Mayor Rama, on Elias Baquero’s program on dyRC radio Saturday, was asked about Hontivero’s replacement, but he said that and other things can be taken up later in deference to the mourning period over Mayor Labella. Friday, November 19, the City Council held a short special session, tackling only one item of business: order that flags within Cebu City be placed at half-mast.


Three 'Dons' at oath-taking

THE family of former councilor, now Vice Mayor Dondon Hontiveros has been little known in the city, even after the 2019 elections gave him the highest number of votes, which qualified him for the No. 2 post.

In Saturday’s oath-taking, the vice mayor’s close members were drawn into public view when they witnessed the oath-taking of the basketball player-and-coach-turned-public-official.

Those in photo that leads off this section, as identified by Sanggunian Secetariat chief Atty. Chappy Piramide, are, from left, wife Micah Hontiveros, VM Dondon, nephew Blaire Don Hontiveros Castillo, mother Ludivina Hontiveros and niece Blithe Don Hontiveros Castillo. Note the “Don Hontiveros” in the names of Dondon’s nephew and niece.


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