The signs of moving on and adapting to the virus are evident. This can be seen in how protocols have been adjusted to revitalize tourism in the country. Best-loved destinations such as Boracay have recently re-opened to tourists after agonizing restrictions and more relaxed travel requirements are implemented for the fully vaccinated tourists. People could only hope for an even better situation so they can book their tickets to their dream vacations away from home. Today, SunStar asks its readers where they would go first here in the Philippines, if the opportunity to travel comes.

“If I could go anywhere in the Philippines, I would go to Palawan. I’d go there to see marine life, the beautiful beaches and it’s a change of scenery from what I usually see in the city. It would definitely be a good experience with my family or my friends.” - Chandler Benedict Go, 20, architecture student (USC)

“I would love to visit the island of Siargao since it is greatly known as the ‘Surfing Capital of the Philippines.’ Moreover, I believe that surfing there would be a great idea for relaxation especially with everything that’s been going on in this world nowadays.” - Sheina Sigrid Aromin, 18, student (Ateneo de Davao University)

“I’d love to visit Vigan! It offers a great mix of what I love to see and experience when traveling. The feeling of traveling back in time with the historical sites such as preserved old streets and attractions, and most especially the well-preserved beautiful architecture in the old city. And of course, completing the trip as well with the city’s native delicacies is a given! After more than a year of staying in your hometown, I’d very much want to visit a place that delivers the full package of what I love the most when exploring a new city.” - Christine Marie Aberion, 22, Miss Cebu 2021 candidate

“I am a person who loves cold and cozy weather. I would love to go to Baguio and experience the weather and possibly meet new friends along the way.” - Ivar Remedio, 20, architecture student (USC)

“My family was never fond of traveling because of the financial cost and physical energy it requires. However, I just recently appreciated the idea of travel because of studying architecture. I want to travel to experience different kinds of architecture, especially those which are historical or cultural. If I am given the chance to travel, I would want to go to places where Filipino architecture can be found. I would like to go to Calle Crisologo, Vigan and Intramuros, Manila, the famous historical sites in Luzon. These places fascinate me so much because the place itself tells a story and gives you a different experience from the modernized and urbanized cities. Traveling, for me, is not just for enjoyment but also an opportunity to learn and explore different cultures.” - Ara Kasimeah Tiu, 19, architecture student (USC)